Monday, December 26, 2005

More Green and Purple

Will the addiction never end? I have yet another green and purple quilt for your pleasure. The purples are more on the red side of the purple scale than blue. This was a mystery quilt hosted on one of my online groups. I had no idea what it was going to be, only that I needed two contrasting colors and that scrappy was encouraged.

It's a Snail's Trail (or Monkey Wrench) - although honestly, it does look like a demented starfish. ;) This pattern is a little different in the sense that they didn't use triangles to create like in this version. They're still blocks right now - I'm thinking maybe I'll find a green and purple fabric for the border and maybe make baby blankets by putting 12 blocks together. Who knows. Definitely a UFO. :)

What a great Christmas! I got everything on my list. I had a bunch of exercise equipment - heart rate monitor, bench (which is still in the car because there's no room here...) and two 30lb dumbbells. I heft one out to show everybody what I got and I nearly bashed my husband's face in because he was leaning over to see what I got! Oops. :) He gave me $100 to spend at JoAnn's and permission to get my sewing machine professionally cleaned. Best of all, I got the WonderCut ruler and the dye starter kit!! I'm still doing a happy dance about that. :)

The downside is that I might have killed my in-law's washer. It's been on the blink for a couple months now, but they were able to get it running again... until Christmas. I was doing a medium-large size load of towels and a few jeans, everything is going fine until it needs to drain off the soapy water. No go. It won't spin either. I'm personally wondering if there's a soap overload because my in-laws have been using this blue laundry soap for years. The thing is that they ran out of the soap recently and the only bottle around is one that *I* bought which is clear, which I used. Well, with the water sitting in there all day, it slowly started getting bluer and bluer. So soap build-up crossed my mind... but nobody else agrees with my theory. I kinda feel like it's my fault that the washer broke, but my husband assured me that it's been happening to them too. I still feel bad, because it's right after Christmas and they just spent boatload of money on all their kids. Maybe they'll find a good sale?

Tomorrow I really hope to get some decluttering going on here. I want my sewing areas to be clean and comfortable to work with. Currently I have a pile of clean clothes on the dining room table - on my cutting mat specifically! And the box that held our Christmas gifts for transportation is on my ironing board. The dye kit is on my sewing chair. I'm ready to shriek "it's a mess!!!!!!!" Nevermind that every room here could use a good overhaul. Flylady here I come! :)



The Calico Cat said...

lovely green & purple "Demented Starfish!"

Washing machines die - everyone will get over it! & They will fall inlove with the new machine lickety split!

Laurie Ann said...

I am loving the purple and green quilts you've been making! I'll definately have to add that to my notebook for a future quilt color combo, in addition to the pink/brown combo. Sounds like that machine would have gone out with the next load, no matter what!!

Nancy said...

You know I never considered a green/purple color combo but you have me wanting to play in my scraps and see what I can come up with in those colors! And if I remember correctly I have a whole bunch of 2" purple strips cut from a ufo that I decided would never be finished so I liberated the strips to my scrap bins. Guess I'd better find me a pattern that will use those 2" strips.

Tracey said...

Glad that you got that dye kit. You'll love dyeing fabric...too much fun! :o)

JudyL said...

Leah: I love green and purple too and I have to be so careful not to use it in every one of my quilts! So glad to see someone else with the same addiction! Gorgeous snail's trail (or whatever you call it!)

Judy L.