Thursday, December 29, 2005

Green and Purple, finally!

Last Green and Purple project that I'm gonna torture you with. ;)

When I saw Bonnie's post about her lastest Leader and Enders project, I just had to try it for myself! On her website she has a page on how to do certain measurements, like for corner and side triangles. With that, I was able to figure out I needed a 3.5" square cut diagonally twice to get the perfect side triangles.

Through trial and error I discovered it was best to press everything away from the "light" - in my case, the purple. I was trying to see if pressing them all one direction was better, but nope! I also made the purple the dominant color, 3 squares of purple in a "row" and 2 green squares in a "row". I swear, green is my favorite color!! :) I just have a lot more 2" purple strips from the Pineapple Blossom. I know it doesn't sound very believable that I like green more... especially since I have more purple fabric. My problem is that not all greens are compatible with each other. Hot neon green with a "drab" olive green? Bleh!! It just hurts my eyes to put certain greens together. But with purple? I feel like any and every shade of purple is pretty and compatible. I know that's not true, but I will buy any hue of purple, whereas I'm more picky when it comes to green.

Now with that said... I still swear that green is my favorite color! No, don't look at the fact that I have more purple shirts than green ones. Or that I have purple sheets... I have green ones too! Or that my diary is purple. Or that I write with a purple pen more than any other color. I'll get a green diary next time! :) (Isn't it odd, that in this modern world with all the nice conveniences and time-saving devices, I still like to handwrite in my diary? I just like being able to slow down for a while, sit back, and write out my thoughts and ideas. Heh, it's also a great place to say something private or vent.)

With me being sick last week and not feeling 100% yet (95% maybe?) I haven't been actually sewing very much. Nor feeling strong urges. Well, I didn't realize how much my husband pays attention to my sewing time, until today. He made a comment about how I haven't turned on my machine in a week, is something wrong? I couldn't help but think "wow... he actually noticed. I wasn't paying so much attention myself." It really helped that I cleaned off the ironing board and my cutting table yesterday. So today I continued to cut for the "New Year's Eve Mystery" that's going to be hosted on one of my groups this Saturday. I asked my husband as I was cutting "do you feel like I'm 'sewing' when I cut?" "Yup!" :)

Here's my fabric selection for the mystery.

The host said to pick three compatible fabrics and one background, light or dark. Apparently there needs to be a strong contrast between the background and the other fabrics. And no large prints. That's all I know! I'm gonna have my husband set the alarm for 5:50am Saturday so I can sew as soon at the host gives the clues - 6am my time. No, no, no, I'm not excited at all! ;) Last mystery she gave, I was crazy enough to get up at 5am because of the time difference! *ahem* I do believe that I also went to bed around 2am the night before, and in my excitement, I couldn't fall asleep until after 3. I hope to be a little more rested this time! :)



The Calico Cat said...

Good luck with the mystery... I can only do them after I see the solution....

I love the "Leader-Ender" that you are doing. I am going to deconstruct quite a few Irish Chain blocks and I think that is how I will salvage the non-4-patch parts.... I had serious errors with color placement....

Funny about the green - I am opposite. (You idea about purple, I hold for all colors. So I mix lime and olive all the time.)

Tonya R said...

I don't think it's torture to see green and purple quilts - a color combination I love too. I used to have royal purple sheets until they finally wore out.

Bonnie said...

I love the purple and green together! I also have purple sheets/ them! And they are DARK purple! Your quilts would look great in that room! :c) I like your green/purple leader ender project. I've got juts one last long strippy section to finish up and then figure out how/what to set mine with!

Keep up the good work!