Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Breast Cancer Block

Today I made a Breast Cancer Ribbon Block for a gal who just found out she has cancer in her left breast. Thankfully they caught it real soon and hopefully she'll be well on her way to recovery in a few months.

But wow... this sure brings back personal memories. My paternal grandmother had BC, was able to beat it and then a few years later bone cancer killed her. Also one of her sister's had it too; she's still living.

My other grandma didn't have BC, but her sister did. That grandma died of lung cancer I believe. Her husband had died 13 years before that from stomach cancer.

I think my mom had a scare several years ago and her sister also found a lump in her breast, it wasn't cancerous though. They did remove it and it was a nightmare surgery because my aunt was given two drugs, one to put her out and the other to freeze her muscles. The knock-out drug didn't last long enough, she woke up mid-surgery and was able to hear and feel everything that was going on... but she could not move at all. Her heartrate shot up to the sky (which should have been a clue to the doctors!) and she kept trying over and over to speak. Finally she's able to whisper for help and that she can feel everything. They put her out again, but that must have been so traumatizing for her.

I only have my paternal grandfather living - and he had kidney cancer and they removed his kidney to fix that. He also has a lot of heart complications and had a heartattack about 15 years ago. I worry about my dad, since not only did his father have a heartattack, but also his grandfather. Thankfully my dad is in pretty good shape - he hiked up to Mt. Whitney in California in August. I think he's hoping to do Mt. Everest someday. :)

So I hope you gals take a little bit of your time to check for any lumps, to hop over the doctor with any suspisions or doubts. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!


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