Monday, February 06, 2006

Blog Updates

Over on the right side I've begun to update my blog list. I don't think I'm done, but I might have a small headache that prevents me from thinking clearly. :P

I went ahead and included the entire Maverick and Stash rings because I do read them everyday... if not two or three times a day. :) So if you're on the list, know that I read you, even if I don't happen to comment.

Nothing to show and tell this time... last night I decided to play around I get an idea what our tax refund was gonna be. I wasn't expecting it to be as big as last year's, but certainly a few hundred, no? Imagine my shock when I realized we OWED a hefty sum of money!!! I don't know exactly what happened, but somehow only $4 more was taken out for Federal taxes in 2005 compare to 2004. Well, that's not too bad... except that since my husband worked a full year in 2005, we had a 50% increase in the income.

I really wanna protest that it's unfair... every other deduction looks right on for his income. So why did the Federal witholdings get messed up? It's not my fault... *whine*... his check was right about what we expected. There was absolutely nothing that red-flagged us. But I know the IRS doesn't care. It's not their fault either.

Let me just say that I'm really glad I have a nice stash to work through, cuz I think it's gonna be around the middle of summer before I can safely buy fabric again. And I'm also glad I found out now... gives me a chance to save up for what's due. Definately tightwadding it until April 15th.

At least I'm still sewing. I spent a good hour at my machine today, working on the Star Struck pattern from Bonnie's site. Of course, as I was sewing my very last piece... I ran out of bobbin thread a quarter of an inch away from being finished. And of course all my wound up bobbins were empty. But it was nice letting myself think for a while that empty bobbins were my biggest problem. Quilting is the best! :)



cher said...

ah, a fellow avid blog reader! yes, I am guilty of days when I go through all of the blogs muliple times too! love the bright four patches...too bad about the tax return result...

trish said...

Hi Leah--woooohooo! What a thrill to see Random Threads on your blog list on the sidebar. Actually it is very nice that you come and visit me and leave comments, thank you!

Bummer about the tax refund, but yes, it is good you know now and not on April 14th. And of course you run out of bobbin thread on the last piece, that is how it works...


quiltpixie said...

What a good idea.... updating one's template... hummmmmm :-)