Sunday, February 12, 2006

I didn't promise you a Rose Garden

Some of you may recall the New Year's Eve mystery I made and how I mentioned that I wanted to try making it scrappy. I did make one modification.

Let's trace back to Thursday evening, where I was in the bathroom flipping through 101 Fabulous Rotary Cut Quilts by Nancy Martin and Judy Hopkins. (Nevermind that I was in the bathroom... consider it practice for when I have kids and I need two minutes to hide. :P) I love that book because when I put it aside for a while and then flip through it again, I get new ideas! Well, that night's idea came from Blackford's Beauty. It's pretty similiar to the mystery pattern, except it has a star in the center. Then another idea popped in my head... what if I try to make the center star look like a flower? And make the star points green like leaves? Toss in a little blue for a sky. I love it when inspiration hits... I had over half of the quilt cut out on Thursday! By Saturday afternoon I had the quilt top done.

It doesn't really look like a rose... mostly because the center piece doesn't flow with the other red/pink fabrics, but I still like it! :) It's scrappy... but has great contrast and should look pleasing on a wall. Now to finish it... ;)

I'm in a birthday block swap for the 2006 year. It stinks that my birthday is last on the list - November 12th. :P The biggest problem is that life can often get in the way over the whole year... so I'll be happy if I get half of the blocks I'm supposed to get! Maybe next time I do this, I'll steal my husband's birthday - May 23. Not to mention that I love May's birthstone, emeralds. My wedding ring is made out of 3 emeralds and 2 diamonds. :)

All birthday blocks are supposed to be 12.5" unfinished, so I simply took Bonnie's Pineapple Blossom and added another round of logs and geese to make it the right size.

The color request was purple with black background... and not until I was well into the sewing process did it cross my mind that oops... maybe she doesn't like scrappy! I'm sorry, but I just simply cannot comprehend that. How can you not like scrappy? Scrappies are beautiful, controlled or wild, it's great looking at all the different fabrics and designs!

So let's hope the birthday gal likes it... if not, I'll always be glad to have the block back! :)



Nancy said...

My last project is kinda like yours. Not exactly what I thought it would be but I liked it anyway. I think your's is very pretty even if it isn't the look you were going for.

And I keep a stack of quilt magazines in the bathroom. :-)

cindyquilts said...

How could she not like it?!

quiltpixie said...

I'm sure it'll go well with the other blocks she receives which if all used together can be nothing other than scrappy can it?

DubiQuilts said...

You are right, how could someone not love a scrappy block. Purple is not one of my favorite colors, but I would not turn down your block. When someone makes something for me I love it just because it was made by a friend.

Dawn said...

That book is one of my favorites also. It just never stops giving me inspiration! I love your interpretation of the mystery/101 blocks! It is really cute!

Crystal said...

I'm sure glad that I'm not the only one who uses the bathroom as an excuse to hide and review my pattern books LOL!!