Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Binding, clean machine and Guilds

I think I'm hooked on the Olympics this time... I haven't watched them since the 1990s, except maybe the last 20 minutes of the 2002 Woman's figure skating. That's my favorite of all. :) I only wish they'd show all the events at once, instead of flipping back and forth between three or 4.

It really helps that I'm doing hand sewing for this quilt's binding while watching the Olympics. I think you can guess what it might be, if you've read my past posts. I did take pictures of the spiral binding process, so later this week I should have a mini tutorial put up for ya.

On Sunday Bonnie shared a website that shows how to clean your machine and I tried it out yesterday... and wow!! An amazing amount of gunk came out, even though I had tried to oil it clean less than two months ago. I'll have to clean it again in a month, just to make sure that there isn't a huge build up again. But it sure feels great to have a cleaner machine! :)

Last of all... quilt guilds. I'm *thinking* about joining the one in town, but I'm really unsure. I hear good stuff - that being in a guild gets you a 10% discount a JoAnn's; that they can be the gateway for retreats and good deals; that I'll be able to enter my quilts in their annual quilt show and maybe even sell some of them. But I hear negative stuff too - that there's often sides, quilt police and elite fabric requirements. Have even heard that when one member offers a service (like longarm quilting) other guild members tend to say negative stuff, pick on the person and so on. Not that I have a longarm (I wish!) but I'm wondering how often these kind of issues can crop up.

And one last thing... how much will my deafness get in the way? I'm heavily dependent on lip reading - cover your mouth in any way, I'm doomed. So, how much chatter and verbal information get discussed at guild meetings? Can I count on a paper to list upcoming events and important information? Will I be asked to participate a lot? I'm not very good at social interaction, especially in noisy/crowded places. I do realize that most quilt shows and retreats tend to be noisy.

I might have a small advantage - I live in a "snowbird" town, and soon the snowbirds will be moving back up to their summer homes, so I won't have to face the whole guild at once. Ahhh... this is one of the moments I wish my sister lived near by - I could make her come with me and sign everything. Problem solved! Except for the thousand-miles-between-us thing. :P



Dawn said...

Oh Leah - your going to hear both sides of the story. I think with a bunch of women you can't help it. I can give you arguments both ways. I go to a guild but have learned just to ignore the bad and take what I can get from it. But I think what you've written sounds like you've heard it all. I'd say if we lived closer we just have our own little quilting group!

Anonymous said...

I just love the binding technique on your quilt! I can hardly wait to see the posts of how to do it. I have a scrap quilt that needs a binding and I want to use your technique, so bring it on!

Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

Does the guild have a web-site? They might post all their dates and info on the web, which would make it easier for you. Or, maybe the leader of the group could e-mail you the information just to make sure you have it correct.

Many large guilds have smaller off-shoot quilting groups - you might like one of these smaller groups too.

One thing I really like about groups is the Show & Tell segment!

My Dad has had hearing problems my entire life, so I do know that large groups can be difficult for lip readers. You might want to go as a guest to see how it goes and then make a decision from there.

Love the binding on your quilt!



JudyL said...

Leah: My guild feelings are mixed. I've been part of a great guild and part of a snooty, "you're not a part of this group" guild. Most have relatively low dues so I say join, see what you think. If you don't like it, no big deal.

I am not a member of our local guild and I hope the next place we live, there will be a better guild.

Another thing to consider is joining American Quilter Society. Their dues are $19.95/year and they send you a card that gets you a 10% discount on all purchases at JoAnn's. Also you get the American Quilter magazine which I really like (and will have a quilt in the next issue!). Here's the link with the info if you want to check it out: http://www.americanquilter.com/about_aqs/membership/

There's not much personal interaction by being a member of AQS but there are other benefits.

Judy L.