Saturday, March 18, 2006

Stars Abound

It's National Quilting Day! Ok... so there's only about an hour left before it's over... but it's because I was busy sewing! :) In fact I'm on my 4th bobbin of the day. I don't think I've ever sewn so much at once. I also floored the pedal too many times to count. :P I've been making tubes for HSTs with my WonderCut Ruler. Lots of long straight sewing. Still need to iron and cut my 43 tubes. It was supposed to be 44, but apparently I can't count. ;)

Here's the quilt guild's Block of the Month. It's green and purple! How did that happen? Yeah... cuz I have tons of scraps from all the green and purple quilts I've done. :)

And here's my day and night stars. I'm loving them, but they sure can take up a bit of time! Not sure if I'll be working on them for a while. Heh, and I ran out of red, can you see the replacement? :)

Spring Break is almost over for us. Ok, I guess I don't count since I don't go to school or teach school... So, Spring Break is almost over for my husband. :P Been a nice lazy week and haven't been spending like crazy - easy to do when you have more time than usual to spare.

We did go to a baseball spring training game on Thursday. We travelled on the I-10 westbound and saw that the eastbound was closed at one point and then clogged up with cars and trucks playing stop'n'go for over 10 miles. Yikes! Do we have to go home in that? Turns out that about 5am a truck with 40,000 pounds of cooking oil flipped and spewed all over the interstate. Good reason to close it! We ended up taking a long way home - went through some beautiful hills that I didn't know existed so close to my home! Makes me want to live there. :) Nevermind that you'd need to have your own gas pump to afford such commute!

But what is it with baseball and closing the I-10? Last year my husband and I went to opening day in Phoenix and there was a shooting really near the stadium on the I-10... and of course they closed it and backed up for about 30 miles. Lucky us... But since we were leaving at 10am for a 2pm game, we were ok, just somewhat grumpy. :P

I was hoping to do some shopping last Thursday while in Tucson... but that didn't work out. I really wanna get a bolt of black Kona fabric! I have like two yards left - enough to make me start nibbling my nails! ;) Thankfully I'm going to Tucson again next Tuesday, so I'll get my fix then. :)



dot said...

I like your stars. Very nice. I really like the purple and green. I will look forward to seeing the quilt when finished. Where did you find the pattern for the night and day stars?

Leah S said...

Dot - no pattern for the night and day stars. They will finish at 12". The center stars are 6". I could give you all the measurements if you like. :)

Donna D. said...

Your purple and green star is BEAUTIFUL. Is there an online pattern for it? Or a pattern name so I can track it down somehow?

Petey said...

Love the green and purple BOM! It looks so RICH...and complicated to make. You did a wonderful job. All those seams meeting in the middle can drive me crazy. I am trying to figure out the pattern.

Pam said...

Hi I'm Pam and I have been busy reading blogs for awhile. I hope you don't mind. I love the day/night stars - would you be able to post the measurements. I suppose with a little thought it would be easy to make the pattern and figure it out myself -- sounds like too much work though!

I also loved your story about your dog. We just lost our 11 year old dog and I know how hard it is -- and still is.

Helen in the UK said...

Love both the star patterns. The red substitution is a really good one it is VERY hard to see :)