Sunday, March 19, 2006

Snow! Snow! Snow!

It snowed!!! Yes, it's a big deal! I have never seen snow fall until today!! The flakes are a lot lighter than I expected. And harder to "control" - as in with rain, you can put your hand out and block it out of your eyes or whatever. With snow, it just flurries around and smacks ya very gently. :)

Here's a picture of mine and my husband's cars.

I don't know why his was collecting more snow, especially since I haven't driven mine since Thursday while he drove his the other day. But snow! Real live snow!

And the trees look like something out of a Christmas scene - I just love how frosted the trees are! More snow!

The barefoot idiot girl that you might have seen? Erm, that probably was me. :P And yup, I had my I-won-a-million-dollars grin plaster on. It snowed! :)

Alas. The snow is all gone now. *sniff* At least I have great memories now! And I still can't decide if I could handle snow every winter though. You shouldn't base these kind of decisions by the 52 flakes that hit ya. ;)

And wow - overwhelmingly positive replies on my previous post of the stars! So, I'll go ahead and make a tutorial of the day and night stars. Should see that later this week.

As for the BOM - it's from Carol Doak's 50 Fabulous Paperpieced Stars. More specifically, it's the Connecticut Star. But you're in luck! Three of Carol's stars are available online here. (It's the middle one).

I think I'm gonna go ahead and put my WonderCut Ruler to serious use now. :)



dot said...

Thanks for sharing the pictures of snow. I grew up in Montana and love snow, love to watch it fall, not even that difficult to drive in if your are careful, but then there are others to contend with. Thnaks for the links to the star patterns. I look forward to the tutorial for the day/night patterns.

deputyswife said...

Come on over to visit us in Iowa. We are getting 6 inches tomorrow into Tuesday. I will happily share!

btw, I loved the stars on the previous post!

dee said...

Hi from NY-I will gladly share snow with you anytime. Thanks for the pics of the stars-I'm laughing because I actually own this book and disc and have never done one star in three years. I'm getting it out today. It's hard to tell how things will look in the book and I have hardly ever liked Carols color choices even though I love her paper piece stuff.Your colors are my favs. Thanks, Dee

dot said...

The handles on the Liberty are what they put on this machine. You don't get a choice. Th millie handles are different. I like these but I can see where the millie would be more ergonomic. I am not going to complain. I get along fine with my monster and I like it that way.

quiltpixie said...

I'd be happy to ship you some snow from Canada if customs would let it cross the border :-)

Ruth Putney said...

Hi Leah -- I think I know why the snow collected more on your car than hubby's Jeep: The Jeep is a darker color, so would absorb ratner than deflect heat, becoming just enouth warmer than your car that some of the snow melted before it could pile up. Snow is magic to us desert dwellers. My younger DS lives in Oslo where it is snowing hard today (2 April) and he's just as thrilled as when he was little here in Tucson and it snowed -- Desert Dwellers never get tired of snow :-) Ruth