Monday, April 03, 2006

Mystery among other things

I recently did another mystery quilt. Mine have had pretty good outcomes, so I actually like mysteries! I have to say, this must have been my fastest mystery too. I always select the smallest option, incase I don't care for the end results and want to get it over with. This mystery had a choice of scrappy or 2 colors.

I picked 2 colors. Are you shocked? Hey, think of it as stash busting! I picked two batiks and one of them is rainbowed enough to almost count as scrappy. Picked the fabric from my stash on Thursday, cut some of it on Friday, cut and pieced on Saturday and Sunday I was just a few seams away from a top. :)

I love this quilt!! I find it very eye pleasing and figure that I'll keep it and save it for a kid. Too pretty to give away! It's the Geese Tracks pattern, but several other names came up, like Wandering Foot. Easy to do and I can imagine myself making several more tops like this in my life. Heck, I'm already picturing a scrappy one. :) (See, you knew I couldn't really get away from scrappy!)

Last Monday I pieced some blocks. Tuesday I had half a quilt top. Wednesday I was pinning and free-motioning it. Thursday all free-motioning done and now need to get binding on. But shame on me! No pictures! :( Hopefully I can have something to show next time I post. By the way, it's green and purple... imagine that! ;)

And other random things:

  • Tomorrow is Tuesday sewing group - I've been cutting for black and hand-dyed star struck to work on.

  • My husband started to have a sore throat/stuffy nose Friday and still isn't over it yet.

  • Worse, he gave it to me. But drinking lemon water with honey has been helping.

  • Time to start packing for our end-of-May move! We think we found the apartment we want to live in. Can you say my own sewing room?!

  • Time to start doing taxes... gah! We finally saved up enough money to pay what we owe. Only took about two months!

  • I'm getting worried that I haven't gotten a car renewal bill for my car yet - the tags expire at the end of this month.

  • Eh, I don't WANT that bill to come though... it's another $300 we don't have. :P

  • I hope I don't make any of the ladies sick at the sewing group tomorrow!

  • I made a loaf of bread to bring tomorrow.

  • It's getting very hot here. Almost time to turn on the A/C. Nooooooooooooooooooooo.

  • I'll be going to the Diamondback's opening day next week.

  • Baseball is the only sport that I tolerate. :)

  • I'm thinking about making homemade soap. Meaning that I'll think and learn about it for several months, put some items on my Birthday and Christmas list and probably not have a batch until next year.

  • But DH doesn't seem to approve... and he reminded me of what happened in the movie "Fight Club". Ohhh. Eww!! If you've seen it, you know what I'm talking about. (If you haven't, lets just saying there was a messy incident involving a bag of human fat, high fences with barb wires on top and a big splat. Eww!)

  • It's almost enough to change my mind... but, nah. I'll probably try to buy some homemade soap first though. :)

  • Time for another cup of lemon honey water.

    And that's all folks! Can you tell that this cold is wiping me out? Don't catch it. :)


    dot said...

    Paying more taxes really sucks, we owe more also. It has taken a couple months to come up with the money. I make homemade soap. I love it, and I never did understand Fight Club.

    Dawn said...

    Oh Leah! Your mystery quilt turned out gorgeous! I love the way those batiks are working for it! I just designed a mystery quilt for our quilt guild. I hope it goes well. I made it not so standard and easy - a bit more of a challenge and look than normal mystery quilts. So it is a chancy move - we will see how it goes!

    DubiQuilts said...

    Another great quilt. Your own sewing great

    Nancy said...

    This is soooo lovely. You certainly don't get the impression that it's only made with 2 fabrics.

    I need to get my taxed done and filed soon too. I owe a BUNCH and have had the money but I refuse to send it in before the first of April. I'll get them done this weekend and in the mail Monday.

    And congrats on getting your own sewing room soon. Mine is tiny but it's MY space to use as I want without having to put everything away each evening like when I was sewing at the kitchen table.

    Helen in the UK said...

    Very pretty quilt - love the way the batiks have worked :)

    Quilty bird said...

    Very pretty quilt, Leah. I like doing mysteries, but too often have been disappointed in the results. This one's a beauty though. The light batik really gives the impression of different fabrics.

    Laurie Ann said...

    Love the pattern and the fabrics. No wonder you are keeping it. It is wonderful, and what a quick finish!!

    deputyswife said...

    I really like the quilt top!!!

    Anonymous said...

    I really love your mystery top! Where was the mystery published??? I'd love to do one like that too.

    Betty J in OKC

    Laura said...

    Wow what excellent results from your mystery! Your colors you chose are wonderful. You must be very happy indeed!