Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Day and Night Star

Ready to make this star? :)

Because this is doubling up as a Birthday Block and the gal wants it signed, I needed to leave the center white. Otherwise, I would have used red there too.

All you need is 2" and 3.5" strips. Now there's a total of 8 flying geese in this block. If you have your own method of making geese (paperpiecing, special rulers, two HSTs, etc) go ahead and make four geese that measure 2"x3.5" and four that measure 3.5"x6.5".

The ones with three *** is for the regular flying geese method. Otherwise, here's the list of pieces you need:
(4) 3.5"x6.5" rectangles (blue) ***
(4) 3.5"x3.5" squares (blue)
(9) 3.5 x3.5" squares (white) *** (8 are for geese, one for the center star)
(4) 2"x2" squares (white)
(8) 2"x2" squares (red) ***
(4) 2"x3.5" rectangles (white) ***

If you're using the regular method, mark a diagonal line across eight white 3.5"x3.5" squares and eight red 2"x2" squares.

Here's how to make flying geese:
Sew diagonally a square onto the rectangle, trim off excess, iron open and then sew on the other square, trim and iron and repeat for all the geese units.

The center star needs:
Four 2" white squares
Four 2"x3.5" flying geese units
One 3.5" square for the center

Sew those together like a 9-patch.

The main star needs:
Four 3.5" blue squares
Four 3.5"x6.5" flying geese units
One 6.5"x6.5" center star

Sew together and you're done! (12.5" unfinished)

To really get the pop-up effect of the stars is all in the color play. Reverse the white and color in the block above and you'll get a "day" star. Easy peasy. :)



dot said...

Thanks for the tutorial. That is very sweet of you.

Pam said...

Thanks for posting the directions Leah. I am going make a few at my quilt retreat in April. I have just started a Dear Jane quilt so I am working on those blocks. Boy are there tiny pieces in them.

DubiQuilts said...

I like stars. I will added this block to my to do list. You are sure a busy beaver.

The Calico Cat said...

Very cool, thanks for the tutorial... The center could also showcase a fussy cut! (I am suprised that it is not green & purple.)