Friday, May 19, 2006

Apartment Pictures

It's done! The lease is signed, we got the keys... time to start moving in!

This is the living room. Left is the front door, right is the porch. I love the porch! It's over 5x8 feet big. The ceilings are also vaulted in the living room. Great spot to hang some quilts, no? :)

Another perk about the porch is all the greenery. I love me some green. ;) I can't wait until I can get a real potted garden going.

The kitchen is pretty similar to our old one, except a little less counter space because we won't need to set up our microwave. And yes, there's a dishwasher, left of the sink.

Entering the quilting room!! I'm going to want to set up my sewing table right in front of the window. But I'm thinking maybe it'd be better for the ironing board to be there, catch a breeze and cool down. We'll see! :)

This was unexpected, a full wall sized closet in the quilting room. I'm thrilled - I can hide my stuff now. ;) Also I'll be using the left wall space for a design wall. And maybe even the closet door for blocks. Oh the possibilities! :)

Master bedroom - a bathroom to the right. I'm at such a bad angle that it looks super tiny! But worry not, I plan to try to keep this bedroom clutter free. At least on room in a house should be uncluttered. :) Oh, and the ceilings are also vaulted in this room.

That's all! We have a dining room corner, but it's really tiny and our round table is going to do poorly there. :( I think that's the biggest disappointing thing about the apartment.

And my husband warned me that his brother is going to love our new apartment - especially the porch part. I can easily imagine many hours this summer being spent on the porch listening to baseball games on the radio and his brother smoking a dozen cigarettes. Might as well buy him his own lawn chair. :D



cristina said...

your place looks great :)

Lily said...

Congrats on the new pad. Excellent news on the closet in your quilting room. Maybe you can go in there when the beer, cigarettes and tall stories come out on the porch?

Good luck with the move!

quilt_mommy_2001 said...

Looks like a beautiful apartment...can't wait to see it all decorated up with quilts! :) Congratulations and hope you have a smooth quick move. :)

Simonetta said...

Great Leah. This house is very beautiful and spacious indeed :)))

Dawn said...

OH Leah! Beautiful apartment and I"m so jealous of the quilt room and the porch too! It is wonderful!

Laura said...

Gorgeous place! You will have fun fixing it all up to your hearts content! So happy for you that you have your own sewing room.

Serena said...

Your new apartment looks lovely!! You will enjoy having your own sewing room and having such a large closet to "hide all your stuff."

Hopefully you will be able to get everything moved and arranged quickly!! :)