Sunday, May 07, 2006


Well, aparently whining does work. I whined that I hadn't touched my sewing machine in over 2 weeks... well that very night shortly after my last post I just HAD to sew! I didn't care what. Maybe I just wanted to use up some thread so I can get closer to opening my new thread stash. ;)

So I pulled out my hand dyed Star Struck quilt. I put together as many as I could (remember, cutting mat isn't available!) This is 1/4th of the quilt.

I'm planning to make it 12 blocks x 12 blocks. Yeah, 144 in all. It should measure about 96x96. A good queen size for somebody who likes big quilts. :)

But it felt so good to sew!! I finally felt like I was making a little time for me. Forget about the dishes. Forget about the books that need to be packed. Just spend a few hours at my machine piecing them together. I didn't even care about cropping off points or slightly off seams. I was sewing!! Score. ;)

My mom is taking some business class at her local college and for her final, she's doing a presentation on the FICO score. Apparently not so many people know what their FICO score is. My dad emailed Saturday morning asking if I knew what my FICO score was. I replied no, I don't know what MINE is, but I know what my husband's was 2 years ago. Then I explained that I'm not worried about mine because I've never bounced a check or missed a payment and so on. And then I went on to explain to my dad what he's mentioned to me about FICO scores. How certain things affect your score - timely payments, your income amount and even paying things ahead help up your score. I sent off my explaination email to both parents and then my dad emailed me back that night. He told me "Very good answer." and how he and my mom had a bet that I wouldn't know what the FICO score is... and my dad won! Ack! My mom had to take him out to dinner tonight to The Fish Market (yum! love their clam chowder soup). Sorry Mom!! Maybe Dad cheated a little... after all he was the one who explained to me what credit scores are - about 10 years ago! Score... for my dad. :P



dot said...

Beautiful quilt. Just up mu alley. I love black backgrounds. I can't wait to see finished project.

computerpeach said...

oh my gosh - what a lovely pattern!!! i love brights on a black background

Finn said...

What an absolutely beautiful quilt Leah!!!! I'm so very impressed. You are doing a fantastic job....can't say I'd want to make the 144 blocks, but it's a beauty!!

Packing will keep, good that you got to sew..*VBS*

Maya Madhavan said...

It looks gorgeous! The size is very daunting - hats off to you!!

Dawn said...

Oh that star struck quilt is looking AWESOME! I just love it!

And that is such a funny story about the FICO bet!

Serena said...

I just love the colors you have chosen!! The black looks lovely with the pastels!!

Cute FICO score story! :)

Lily said...

Hi Leah, it's my first time to your blog and I have to say I just love the colours you've chosen for this quilt. 144 blocks? It's gonna be a big one!

In Australia our FICO score is known as a credit rating - I have no idea what mine is either, but I'm a bit anal in that respect, so I am assuming it's high! Glad you Mum and Dad have such excellent rewards for their bets! Yum!

Laura said...

Wow! What striking colors. This is going to be a beautiful quilt when you are finished!