Thursday, May 04, 2006


What are the non-fabric quilt-related items that excite you? For me it's probably dye powders and thread!

My 9 spools arrived today - they're the Aurifil 50wt 1422 yards spools. I've never sewn with this thread before, but I've heard so many raves about it. They did have to subsitute my grey for a lavender-grey, but otherwise, it's exactly what I wanted! The colors are darker than what they show on the website... but I know that all spools look darker until you just look at a single strand. Aren't they yummy colors? :)

I love scrappy quilts... so why not scrappy threads? Plus, the perfect way to check my tension. I can't wait until I can start sewing with them!! But...

Whew, this apartment is a bit of a mess. I haven't TOUCHED my sewing machine in over 2 weeks. Waaaaah! I won't be shocked if it tries to die on me the next time I boot it up... wouldn't you die from that much neglected?! 99% of my fabric is packed up too. I haven't see my cutting mat in over 2 weeks too! Eh, my ironing board is still visible. :P

At least everything is going smoothly with the apartment complexes. I gave notice to our current one without a hitch and all we have to do with our new one is sign the lease on the 19th and get our keys. Then we're off! I sure I'll be seeing a lot of sweat trying to move everything in 90+ degrees. But June is even worse, so better to do it now. July we'll get rain and relief. August and September get pretty darn hot too, but it doesn't have the painful dryness June holds. Believe me, I'll make sure I have plenty of cool water bottles during the move.

My arms are already sore, I hate to think how sore they're gonna get from moving boxes! But it's a good sore - it's from holding up quilts at my quilt guild yesterday. A gal was over to show us quilts she made - do they call those trunk shows? Well, hers was a suitcase show! :) But since I'm probably one of the tallest gals there (5'10"... or 70 inches. Every quilter knows inches better!) I got called up to help hold the quilts. It was fun seeing the gal's works up close. :)

Off I go to do some not-so-fun stuff, like packing books. Or dishes. But I'll just think of it as earning my keep for staying home. ;)



Dawn said...

Oh you will LOVE the Aurofil thread! I swear by it! I buy big cones now in standard colors for piecing and I love it for quilting! Let us know if you like it as much as I do!

Oh and guess what! I got the Wonder Ruler at Paducah!!! Can't wait to try it!

quilt_mommy_2001 said...

I will have to look up the aurofil thread on the internet and see what it's all about! :) They do look awfully pretty though!

I can imagine you must be just going nuts not sewing! Soon you'll be all settled and will have to post a picture of your new sewing spot. ;)

Finn said...

The thread is gorgeous! I've never used that kind either, and will be watching to see if you like it..*S*

Best reward for those moving sore arms?? A great new sewing room and another bathroom...hurray!!!!!

Patti said...

You will love this thread Leah. Once you try it you won't want to use anything else. Sure helps with the lint problem - you won't need to clean out your bobbin area nearly as often!

Anonymous said...

I love the Aurofil that I've bought so far - is there one site that's better than others to buy it?
Terry in NY