Saturday, June 03, 2006

Around the world

A gal gave me a bunch of blocks from a swap she was in so I could make a quilt for charity. They are signed by various people who partipated in the swap. Some locations include England, U.K., Austrailia, New Zealand, Kuwait and of course the good ol' USA.

Now I just can't figure out what border color I should use. I was thinking a bright blue. And probably a green binding. I do love how it's one of those "anything goes" quilts. :)

I can't help but think this layout would be great for a signature quilt. The names are turned in all directions - so it can be enjoyed from all views. And rail fence blocks work up so quickly! I'm gonna have to ponder on that idea for a while longer. :)

I love having my husband home for the summer - he doesn't get in the way or anything, only creates a little more trash. ;) And I also can get away with asking him to make some meals throughout the week - more time to sew! And the more I spend in this room, the more I'm motivated to sew and complete projects. Well... so far it's been working on projects more than any completions yet! :P

The only downside these days are how hot (90*+) it's getting and that I'd rather sew than continue to unpack and clean. Well, if I'm going to eat so I can have energy to sew... I gotta run the dishwasher soon! :D



anne bebbington said...

Lovely quilt middle Leah - great idea for signature block - even a real beginner could take part with confidence - now this shouted bright yellow for the border to me - funny how we all view things differently but I can certainly see how the blue and green would work - it certainly needs a strong colour

dot said...

This is agreat idea for a signature quilt. It will be wonderful when bordered and completed. It is wonderful now but we all like the finished thought.

Laura said...

I agree with Anne, my first thought was yellow also! But I think blue would work great too. Maybe a royal blue not a dark blue.

joyce said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog about the spray basting. I really like this quilt. I'm sure any color of border would look great because there are so many colors in it.

Simonetta said...

Lovely quilt, Leah!!!It remembers me the quilt that I will do with my siggyses :))))

Dawn said...

The charity quilt is looking great! I think you want a great bright blue. Green would be another good choice.