Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Pinned Around the World

There! I went ahead with some of your suggestions and switched to a yellow border. I narrowed it down to two yellows and asked my husband which he liked best. I would imagine some people are uncomfortable asking for a guy's opinion, because they just glance at it for 2 seconds and tell ya. But it works out pretty nicely for me because most people are going to be like my husband - just glancing at the quilt and deciding if they like it or not.

So it's safety pinned and ready for free-motioning. I was all eager to think about quilting it tomorrow... then duh, I remembered that I'm "going to town" for the first time in three months. :P

Heading to Tucson... planning to go to 6 different places and spending lots of money. Two different fabric stores and a handful of different grocery stores. Oops, my husband just reminded me that I need to check the pressure on my tires. Unfortunately June is the most popular month in Arizona to have tire blowouts, due to the heat. I'm sure I'll see almost 100 degrees in Tucson. At least I'm going now... next week they're predicting up to 104. And 111 in Phoenix in a week! Wow. That actually makes me feel cool with our 91 degree day. :D

I also went to my quilt guild meeting today - first time since the beginning of May! The speaker there was demonstrating how to make puff quilts. Her method is so easy! Sure gets me wanting to try one. :)



computerpeach said...

I constantly ask my husband's opinion on my quilts. When he goes to the quilt store, he finds more fabrics than I do!!

Have fun "going to town"!

joyce said...

I always consult with my husband. Of course he is an artist and knows all about color. How handy! Of course I don't always follow his advice but usually it turns out he is right.

Dawn said...

Oh how exciting that borders are on and it is pinned and ready to go! Have FUN on your shopping trip. Emily (my youngest daughter) is on her trip to Utah and I got an email last night saying it was 107 in Utah, but they hiked anyway!

Lois R. said...

I'm in the "I'll ask my husband" camp. His sense of color is way better than mine. I drag him to the quilt store whenever I have an important decision to make.