Sunday, June 18, 2006

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day Dad!! (Yup, both of my parents read my blog). Here's a picture of me with my dad when I was about 4 years old. Or maybe it was three. I can recall myself wearing that shirt in another picture with grandma and my mom being VERY pregnant with my sister Sarah. So 3.5 years old then.

And here's the two of us on my wedding day, July 2004. I sure grew a lot, but Dad still looks pretty much the same!

But these two pictures sure make me think of all the things that have happened between them. I remember learning to ride my pink bike when I was 6 years old - with no training wheels! Dad just kept saying going faster (so I wouldn't fall). But definately remember him just standing on the sidewalk, watching me go in circles on my bike. :)

He taught me how to mow - no, you can not just go all over the lawn like you're on a stroll, you need a pattern to tackle it. :P He made me help him unclog the kids' shower drain several times (ick! ick! ick!), but it was us girl's (and our long hairs) fault. He taught me how to drive a tractor. I think it's a pretty darn cool skill, even though there aren't any tractors handy 'round here. :) Dad was also the one who taught me the meaning of hard work - through many hours of cleaning the yard or garage. He also taught me how to drive, starting off with his big yellow Ford truck... well, I'm afraid Mom had to take over the lessons though. ;)

He also took the whole family on lots of vacations - a 4th of them were skiing trips, half of them were camping trips and the rest were to relatives or a special one-time spot. Some of my best vacation memories are in cabins by a lake or to Yosemite where we covered skiing, camping, hiking, biking and ice skating. Definately fun memories there. :)

So, Happy Father's Day!! I'm sorry I can't be with you today, but looking so forward to seeing you next month!!



anne bebbington said...

You're right Leah - your dad hasn't changed a bit - but to be honest you haven't changed much either, still that sparkle in your eye - lovely photos and lovely memories :o)

Amie Tarpley said...

Leah, we are in stashbusters group together,I think.I'm in toooo many. I love your blog,your quilts and your funny comments. Amie in Tennessee or in the groups,stonecrestquilt :o)

Dawn said...

You are so adorable in that picture! What fun memories.