Friday, June 16, 2006

Clumsy Fingers... what my new name should be. I was cutting more pieces for the block below. I tend to be a little ambidextrous when it comes to cutting fabric. My right hand will tire faster, but it's very useful when you have that little wobbly sliver end to trim off before you can start cutting your pieces. Well, I managed to cut myself when I was transferring the rotary cutter from my right hand to my left. My absolute very first though was "don't get blood on the fabric or mat!" My mom was the exact same way when she cut her finger when wallpapering... must not get it on the wallpaper! I rush out of the room to get a paper towel and then a few seconds later the pain really started to hit me and left me in tears.

While this is my worse rotary cut ever, it's not very deep, about 1/3rd of an inch long. Lots of blood (compare to my usual pinpricks!), but I didn't think a photo of the bloody paper towel would be appealing. :P So instead, witness a block of the quilt I'm currently making:

It was just one of those pattern ideas that popped into my head and I just had to see how it would transfer from paper to fabric. So far, so good! :)

That's one thing I love about quilting; ideas can pop into my head, I can write or etch them out, do the math to figure out the pieces, sew it up and actually get what I was thinking. It kinda astounds me because I couldn't draw decently if my life depended on it! Even my quilt drawings are pretty wonky, but they can turn into a beautiful design with fabric.

The good news is that fingers heal, the quilt will outlast the owie and now I'm off to sew some more blocks before heading to bed. :)



joyce said...

THat is a very nice block. I think it's going to make a great pattren when you have a lot of them together.

anne bebbington said...

You poor thing Leah - rotary cutters sure can bite and with very little provocation usually - hope your finger's soon better. really like that block - you know it is magical transferring ideas to fabric but I reckon quilting actually is more in tune with the mathematical and methodical sides of us that the arty except probably the colour chossing which draws from that side instead.

Dawn said...

Oh man, be careful! Sometimes it hurts more after a bit when you start to think about it! I ran the machine needle right through my finger once. Didn't hurt at all until a bit later when I started thinking about it. But you know what hurt more? I had to get a tetnis shot, man the next day did my whole arm ache and was so stiff! No medical treatment for my finger, it was fine except for some missing skin and a hole, but man that tetnis shot did me in!

By the way - I LOVE that block!

Helen in the UK said...

Love your block - are you going to work the others all scrappy or all in green/blues? Maybe you don't have a clear plan yet. Take care of that finger :)

Serena said...

Your block looks beautiful, Leah!!

I can understand rotary cutter cuts!! They hurt and bleed like crazy! I cut off part of my left index finger and nail with a rotary cutter a year ago. It took 2 months before it was completely healed and my finger is still shows the effects of the cut!

I thought the same thing...don't get it on my fabric...I ran out of my sewing room to the bathroom in a rush! And your right, the pain doesn't hit until a few minutes after yoy cut yourself.

Be careful with your cutting and finger!! :)

Anonymous said...

leah, love your quilt block. wonderful colors together. watch out for sharp objects. been a victim myself.