Wednesday, June 14, 2006

June Picture

I'm thinking I should have a new picture on my sidebar every month. Add some spice 'round here. ;)

I've been getting pretty tan these days - a combination of being out and about from the move and I have enjoyed a few walks and sitting out on the balcony - all adding sun time.

And oy! It's kinda hard to remember to SMILE when you're trying to take your own picture. You're almost too busy thinking "is the angle right? I'll take 3 at this position just in case... oh no, here comes the flash!" and then you wonder why you look so grumpy afterwards. :P But my favorite thing about this picture are my eyes. I love green and I'm happy that it's showing up pretty well in the picture.

Huh? You expected something quilty? ;) Well, as productive (and needed) as ironing and cutting are... they don't give ya interesting pictures. So far everything is going good with my new iron! It's a little smaller, but I'm rather pleased how quickly it heats up.

I'm definately busting stash these days - I love my quilting room! I'm really glad my husband let me have the entire room. :) I also love my sewing machine that my parents helped buy - really helps makes quilting a pleasure. :)

Off to do some productive cutting! ;)



computerpeach said...

Glad your getting some stash-busting in. Glad your new iron is working out also....


joyce said...

THere is nothing like your own sewing room. I sewed in the corner of the kitchen for years and had to clear off the table every time I sewed and put every thing away whet Iwas finished. Now it sits out waiting for me. Love it. THe kitchen is messier though because I don't have to clean it before I sew.

Dawn said...

Its a fun picture though! You look really young in it! I thought at first maybe it was an old picture you had of yourself from childhood! :)

Thats ok, I'm also working on bits and pieces and nothing really to "show" lately!

quilt_mommy_2001 said...

**Pretty good pic for taking it yourself! Lol* I took one of me too for my MSN avatar - I'll have to post it on my blog! :)