Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Sick days

Well, I went from icky to worse. So no quilting yesterday or today. But starting this evening, I've been feeling sooooooo much better. Hoping to get back into the normal swing of life tomorrow. :)

I ordered a gallon of Raspberry Blossom Honey from eBay. It's not raspberry flavored honey, but rather bees collecting the nectar from raspberry bushes. So it's a very slight taste, but good! I slipped a taste of regular store honey after swiping my finger on the raspberry blossom honey and the store stuff tasted so sugary! :P The downside was that it took 9 days for the priority package to make it to my apartment. And the tracking number she gave me wasn't updated until after it was delivered. But I realize that it was out of her hands and I'm just to have it now. :)

I did pour some of the honey into a smaller container... can you imagine trying to use it out of a gallon jar and not contaminate it? Not me! :) I had some wild raspberry tea and what's better to flavor it with than my new honey? :) Plus my throat appreciated it.

Tomorrow I'm hoping to make some bread in the morning (yeah, another excuse to use up the honey!) and hope to do another hour of quilting tomorrow. And I'm thinking about making pizza for dinner, using the pizza stone I recently got. Nothing like telling everybody your plans and then feeling accountable for them. Should I tell you that I need to put away the laundry too? ;)



Melzie said...

Hope you feel better very very soon Leah! ((hugs)) melzie

Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

You are too funny, but I too find that once I blog about plans I really want to follow through - helps to keep me accountable. When my sister's boys were little they started a home-made pizza and a movie tradition every Friday night. I like making pizza on my pizza stone too - yummy!

I'm glad your gallon of honey arrived - just in time to soothe your throat, delay and all.



Gail said...

Feel better soon.

Andrea said...

I hope you feel better soon!

Dawn said...

Oh I hope your feeling better. The honey sounds delicious! Now who would have thought of buying honey on ebay! Take care of yourself.

Sweet P said...

I hope you are feeling better soon.