Thursday, August 31, 2006

Better day

Hey! I just noticed that this is gonna be my 100th post. Not bad. :)

Today was muuuuuuuuuch better! I'm feeling like myself again. I did get a later start on the day, but still did want I hoped to do. No, no laundry put away. :P

Here's the bread. I bet I'm gonna have sore arms tomorrow from kneading, but it's nice to know that you don't really lose your ability to make bread after taking a three-month break.

I also like how the swirl turned out - half of the times it looks like some butt cheeks. :P I promptly sliced a piece for my husband, spread butter and honey on it and he likes it! :)

While I was waiting for the bread to rise, I got my mail and paid rent... and there was a package from Sarah!

Yup, I had bidded on one of her eBay auctions and now I'm a proud owner of a total of 12 magazines in my entire collection. ;) And she was really nice, she sent off the magazines before I had even written the check. I hope she gets the check soon... Labor Day might slow mail down. :/

Also in the mail were some tickets to the Live concert we're going to in October. My husband has been a faithful fan of theirs for at least 10 years. He tries to go to any of their concerts within 300 miles. So I'm glad he's getting to go... and I just tag along for the fun of it! :) (Cuz no, I can't make out the words when they sing, but there's sure a lot of interesting energy at concerts!)

I also made pizza using the pizza stone for the first time. I didn't use the recipe Dorothy suggusted, cuz I was tired from bread making. But the pizza turned out great and my husband loves the extra "firmness" of the crust that the stone heated. Always makes me feel good to get closer to what he was wanting. :)

My quilty hour consisted of ripping out a few rows of stitches while watching CSI.

The blocks were from a swap done Spring 2005. I stitched in the ditch a few rows... then it got put aside for ohh... a year? Definately a UFO. But this morning when I was watching Simply Quilts, I got cold and had to drag my bed quilt to the couch and I realize that I want to finish this quilt and put it on the couch. I bet I'll finish it just in time for fall! :D

Yup, one of the blocks on the bottom left has a boo-boo, square corners, instead of being angled off. We can always pretend that a seed from another flower fell into the packet of tulips. ;)



Hedgehog said...

Those tulips are really cute.

Andrea said...

Ya know I wouldn't have even noticed that one tulip wasn't quite right if you hadn't said anything :)

Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

Stitching and ripping, as my Nana used to say - that little seam ripper sure is an indispensible item in my sewing box! The quilt looks sweet and is definately worth the ripping if that is what it takes to get it done!

Bread looks yummy! And, pizza stones do give the crust a little bit of extra crunch! Yummy - again.



Dawn said...

Man your break looks good! I think I'll go pop some in the bread machine - not as good as the real break you make, but since I"m "working" I don't have time to mess with all that!

joyce said...

Every quilt needs some kind of mistake. Your bread looks really good. Too bad we can't smell it online!

Mandi aka Fabric Princess said...

such pretty bread! I'm craving some :) How did you get those swirly little "cheeks" in there?