Friday, September 01, 2006

A Postcard

A non-quilter asked for a postcard, and I volunteered to make one... just to see what the process is like. :)

Don't worry, I'm not gonna turn into an art quilter. This was fine, but I'm not sure if my brain likes the whismical part of constructing quilts. There was no math, no logic. I couldn't get excited doing this. :P But they are a great way to send a little personalized note to friends. Maybe a few more post cards in my life. ;)

I also got all the unstitching done out of the tulip quilt and hope to have it pinned together tomorrow. But that means cleaning and vacuuming the living room. Oh, let's not forget about putting the laundry away either, cuz I sure need those baskets for when I do laundry on Sunday at the in-laws. :)

And does anybody want to do my dishes? Cuz I've been doing a lot of cooking, but no cleaning. Eh, unless you count pushing stuff aside so I can have more counter space. :P But I'll feed you homemade bread and stuffed French Bread "pizza". ;)



Quilty Nurse said...

I'm with you Leah, postcards aren't for me either. I don't really "get" them.

Lol, I think we've read the same housekeeping manual, thats my cleaning method too! Too many other fun things to be doing.

Glad to hear you're feeling better.

Your binding instructions with photos were fantastic!! I will definitely be coming back to your blog for a refresher when it comes time to bind my next quilt.

Helen in the UK said...

Watch out Leah, once the postcard bug bites live will never be the same again!! Seriously they are fun, but not as cozy as a quilt :)

Dawn said...

I"ll be over for bread and pizza! Yum! But darn, dishes? I'd vacuum no problem, but I hate dishes!

Sarah said...

Glad you are feeling better! If you find someone to put away your clean clothes, let me know! I have about 6 baskets scattered around the house, full of clean clothes!

Have a great weekend!


Melzie said...

Wow I would definitely do dishes for that reward. :) I'll usually do abuot anything for food, I loves me food ;) xoxo mel

joyce said...

When I bake I always fill the sink with hot soapy water before I start and throw everything I use into it as soon as I am done with it. THen at the end of baking I just have to basically rinse everything off and the cleaning up is done. Much easier than making yourself do the whole thing later.

Sweet P said...

Your postcard is cute. I have to make one this coming weekend and I'm looking forward to being "free" in the design of it. Sometimes I like not following the rules.

Your Star Struck quilt looks good too.

Shelina said...

That is a cute postcard. I'm sure if you miniaturize one of your patterns, you could do some math to make a postcard. I prefer the no math version myself.