Thursday, September 07, 2006

Quilting 101

Today I made a simple 12" finished 9-patch block.

I took 94 photos of my progress so I can give step-by-step photos of how to cut, sew, iron and complete this block. This will be going in the Quilter's Corner of a forum I frequent. I'm probably going to make 8 more 9-patches and then demonstrate how to put them into a quilt top and quilt them. Or my other option could be to show how to make other simple blocks - rail fence, churn dash, log cabin, bow ties, maybe a star or two... gonna ponder on it. :)

I got the living room cleaned and vacuumed, whoo! :D I made Patty's Spicy Apple Bars yesterday... so good! Yes, they're all gone, or else I'd be bribing you to do more dishes. ;) Very tasty, definately will make again. I did have to use an 8x8 glass dish, and it needed about 15 more minutes of cooking time, if anybody's wondering. :)

I also found out that a lady from Maryland is coming over to lecture and teach our quilt guild about Baltimore Album Quilts next week. I'll probably come home with my jaw dragging on the floor, mumbling something about never ever even trying to learn how to applique! ;)



Hedgehog said...

I'm sure there are a lot of folks who would appreciate 101 tutorials!

Sweet P said...

94 pictures? That's a lot of pictures, but I bet your tutorial is going to be a good one. Will you send us the link to it when it is posted?

Gail said...

I think some of that pink lives in my stash! Would like to see the tutorial when its ready.

Nancy said...

I'd do a few more simple blocks and then show how to put them together in a sampler quilt.

There are a lot of new or wannabe quilters out there who I'm sure would really appreciate clear, simple directions on how to do a few basic blocks and the steps required to put them into a quilt. There are probably many young people, or maybe newly retired, looking for a hobby but they don't know how to connect with quilters who would be willing to teach them how to make a quilt. But many of them do have internet access and have been raised to look to the internet for information and instruction when it's needed. It's something I've thought about doing but just haven't had the time or energy to follow thru.

Andrea said...

I think I have that pink flower fabric too. :)

Do I have the math right? Each of the squares in the 9 patch would need to be 4 1/3rd inch?

Patty said...

glad you liked the spicy apple bars. Now try the pumpkin cinnamon rolls : )