Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Labor Day?

Monday was more like "Lazy Day" instead of Labor Day. :P We didn't even step outside once. Hey... on the bright side, we didn't spend any money, right? ;)

Didn't get any quilting done today either - I picked up my hearing aid today, and the volume sounds good, but I'm having problems with keeping the earmold in my ear deep enough so that it doesn't ring or cause feedback. But I have an appointment set up for next Monday, so I'll bring all my complaints in then. :)

So in order to give you some eye candy, I dragged up some old photos. These are placemats that I made for a Secret Sister thing. I never did hear if the gal got them though... and you can't exactly ask, it kinda gives it away. :)

This was my first time doing in-depth amount of free-motioning, and the small size of the placemats make it a GREAT practice piece. :)

I was so proud and excited about my handiwork. My husband wasn't too thrilled about how noisy it can get - machine going at full speed, spool of thread wobbling loudly in it's holder, and me breathing hard a few times cuz I'd forget to breathe and blink! :D

I'm also happy that TV show House is back on. I'm amused by that guy. And I got suckered into watching Standoff afterwards. They had a captivating start... hope they can keep up with it. :) And better yet, on September 21 is going to be the new season of CSI. I'm also probably going to end up watching The Biggest Loser. So my shows will be Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday... my husband likes to watch wrestling on Mondays and Battlestar on Fridays... works out good! :)



Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

Ouch that you didn't hear back about your great placemat - it sure looks like you used TONS of thread with all that quilting! Placemats are fun - I hope to make some this winter if I can remember to pack some batting to bring to Austria with me - I always seem to be short of some essential supply!



Sweet P said...

I like your placemat. Too bad you didn't hear back from the recipient. I like House too. Did you watch it last night?

joyce said...

Placemats are a great way to practise free motion for sure. I keep forgetting aboutthem because I seldom use them. Maybe I should make some to practise new patterns and more free motion.

DubiQuilts said...

HI, Your place mat is Great. I have been making place mats for years and only just started free motion quilting. The place mat is a great size to work on.

Quilt Mommy said...

Ooh. Leah I really like that placemat...the free motion quilting and the colors you chose! :)