Monday, September 11, 2006

Shhh, don't faint...

...but I actually turned on my machine and did some sewing before NOON! I know, you're so shocked. ;) But more progress has been made on my Star Struck quilt.

Actually, I had to get up and look decent by 9am for my hearing aid appointment. And yay! They got it to work without feedback/ringing - thanks to an adjustment in the tube and a damper in the tube. Now my problem is that I've spent pretty much the last 3.5 months without the hearing aid and it sounds so weird to have it back again! I might need to make some adjustments (I can do that myself), but first I needed to practice hearing for a while... so I hooked up the iPod next to my machine and sewed for a while. Then my head started to go crazy from dealing with all the new auditory (more like ow-ditory) input, so I yanked both hearing aids out and took a nap! :)

In other news, I spent a while looking at the mystery top this evening... and I couldn't help but wonder what it'd look like if I made a few adjustments...

So I dug through my stash (yay!) and came up with this color combination. I'll be making at least 2 changes to the original junior pattern - I want the stars to "pop" more and I want the Laurel Birch fabric to be the focus of each star.

Don't worry, no quilt top in a day today. :) But I bet Cathy is thrilled... and now she'll want me to test every mystery she makes! :D Probably going to have to pass on that thought, but I'm definately having fun with this pattern. :)



Hedgehog said...

Very cute cats! Can't wait to see how it turns out.

Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

Glad to hear that your hearing aid is back up and running.

Beautiful fabrics to have in your stash! They all look very pretty together.