Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Baltimore Album

Today at the quilt guild meeting, Mary Lou McDonald from Maryland gave us a presentation on Baltimore Albums.

She mostly spoke about the quilts from 1846-1854 and showed examples where she copied their blocks. Makes me want to run away far and fast... all that tiny applique work! I don't even know how to do applique (and probably don't want to know, just yet. :P)

I was also probably the most squirmiest girl there too... a mesquito bit me at least 5 times during the show, if not more. One welt was like 1.5" x 1". Another one looked like it was on the verge of bleeding. I tried soooooooo hard not to itch them, but they just drove me crazy! At least they're not bothering me anymore now. :)

Tomorrow I'm going to Tucson...without my husband. :) As much as I love him, he doesn't enjoy long leisure trips and doesn't like the traffic. Me? I'm like "posh! Traffic? This is nothing compare to the Bay Area!" On the list of things to do is to go to Wild Oats (health-type store), maybe Trader Joe's if I can't find what I want at W.O., next is Costco and then maybe JoAnn's - depending on how much I didn't spend at the other places! :D



Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

My son welts up terribly from any bite so I always carry Stop-Itch or Stop-Bite (whatever it is called). This summer he had one bite that swelled up his arm 2X and made a huge red, rubbery circle all around his little body. NOW I also carry Children's Benedryl in my bag (doctor's orders). Sounds like the 2 of you might be from the same blood!

Glad to hear the guild is working out for you - I remember when you were first considering going!



Melzie said...

Enjoy your day :) Hate those skeeters grr they are bout to freeze here LOL I've seen my breath the last two mornings. xoxo melzie

Beth said...

Wow, that album quilt is something else. While I love applique, I don't know if I'd have the patience to do that. My applique style is "primitive" so nothing has to be perfect! Don't you just hate those mosquitoes? I got eaten to pieces when we when on our camping trip in July. Hope you had fun shopping.

Glendora, CA

Amy P The Calico Cat said...

I actually know Mary Lou - isn't she great & so knowledgeable!

paula, the_quilter said...

Such a lovely quilt! Skeeters like me too. :( We have both a Wild Oats and a Whole Foods. I prefer Wild Oats because the staff is friendlier and not as cold feeling. Enjoy your trip. /paula

Patty said...

we have that west nile thing going on here so we are all avoiding being outside at dawn and dusk just to stay away from those peskly skeeters.
That quilt is amazing. The pieces must be sooooooooooooo tiny to applique in some of those blocks.

Dawn said...

I"m back and trying to catch up! That is one amazing quilt. I don't mind applique too much, but I could NEVER do this much! I love that building block up in the top left corner!

Kim said...

wow sounds like you're guild meeting was better than ours- applique isn't that hard I finally learned it :)