Monday, October 16, 2006

Finished Love Quilt

Yay! I'm officially done with the love quilt I was quilting.

It's all safely off in the mail... hope to hear about her reaction soon!

A lone orphan block accidently got misplaced and didn't make it to the top. So I stitched it to the back.

And of course, no quilt is completed without a label. :)

I like using the sunflower block for my labels... I should make more. I guess after my sunflower themed wedding, I'm claiming that flower as mine. ;)

I also pieced the last green block I needed for my husband's quilt. I hope he has no clue at all! :D But poor guy... he hurt his back, on the side. Not sure what he did, but he's been limping around yesterday. Then he comes home today and his foot his hurting him - it looked a little swollen. So he's been limping and gimping around today. At least he doesn't turn into a big baby and expects to be waited on by hand and foot... erg, foot and back. ;)



Anonymous said...

Did you piece the back? Very nice! I love purple in quilts.

The love quilt front is great, too! I'm sure she will love it.

Dawn said...

Its done and in the mail!!! Hurray for you!!! It looks wonderful!

Judith said...

Wow it is gorgeous. I am sure she will ove it.