Monday, October 02, 2006

Slow Poke

Well, this time I'm not gonna be the horse crossing the finish line long before everybody else... I'm having a pretty slow start with Judy's Hour a Day project. All I've accomplished today was to handwash these batik FQs that I'll be using. Ain't they purdy? ;)

In other news I got a little potted garden going on my deck. It's just sugar peas right now.

The directions said to plant them in September or Jan-Mar... oops, planted them on Oct 1st. :P But I'm willing to baby them. I'll be thrilled if some green even manages to sprout! If not, I can always try again next year.

This is gonna be such a busy week... I'm already wanting to crash into bed thinking about it.

Tuesday: Sew-In, they're gonna do a block exchange (which I declined to be a part of) and the hostess just had surgery on her arm, so they're asking everybody that's coming over to help out, food-wise. Gonna bake spicy apple bars. Maybe I'll get more progress on the Leaf Season quilt - especially since House or Standoff won't be showing tomorrow night.

Wednesday: Guild meeting - they're gonna reveal the 2006 Quilt Challenge (again, not a part of it) and we get to vote who's the best. The other news is that they dropped the Biggest Loser from 2 hours to 1 hour... so let's claim that "extra" hour for Leaf Season!

Thursday: check the tires on the car, find all the vacuum parts to return to Costco and drive to Tucson for my husband's concert. I won't even think about trying to do Leaf Season.

Friday: last day of school before fall break begins. I think Battlestar Galatica starts too. Might get an hour of sewing in, if I'm not wiped out from the concert.

Saturday: is the local Art-in-the-Park festival and I always like to check it out for Christmas ideas.

Today was hetic enough - I spent over 2.5 hours grading articles for my husband. At least he helped out by cooking most of dinner. :)

And I'm really glad that he gets next week off... all the school shootings in the past week make me a little nervous. I imagine he's at a much higher risk that an elementary teacher is. It would be hard to imagine such happening at the local high school here, but if it could happen in an Amish school... it can happen anywhere. :(

But maybe I'll have little green shoots poking in the pots by the end of the week. I can hope! ;)



Hedgehog said...

Those batiks are incredible. I can't wait to see your version of the October challenge.

May Britt said...

Sounds like a busy week. I am happy to hear other ar slow on starting one hour quilt. I have found the fabric but haven't done anything else yet. But I DO want to make that autumn leaves quilt.
Lovely batiks you got.

joyce said...

The batiks look wonderful. All those school shootings make me glad I have retired from teachnig.

Dawn said...

Wow you do have a busy week! I love how TV effects your sewing time - exactly me too when new shows finally come on. House is such a fun show. Wonder why you say it isn't on. They have been advertising it as being on here? Now I have to go look it up! But the big shows for me really are (ok, yes I"m totally fluff tv) - Survivor, Desperate Housewives, Amazing Race and CSI (the one in LV).

Bingo~Bonnie said...

Leah, I can't wait to coem back and see pics of your blocks - your fabrics are so unique - I've never see those batiks before - they are purdy! :c) Happy Weekend B~B

Calisews said...

Hey Leah,

Sounds like you are staying busy.

Thanks for popping in on my blog, you are right, I am dingbat. ;) Seems that there were several Dianna's on the group and then I was changing my ID around a bit.

Get stitching, wish I could.