Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Getting my brain into gear

I've been having trouble getting my brain back into gear. Fall break week has thrown me off with my husband home all day - but I'm not complaining! :D

I also spent 2 days tearing apart my room, looking for this quilt. I wanted to give it to my mom with her birthday package. I looked in all the spots I could think of... and it wasn't there. I kept tearing my room apart - it got so bad that my husband commented on it! So I decided to do the opposite - clean up my room, then I'll find it, right? More than an hour later and lots of fabric folded... I still couldn't find the quilt. Well! It's easy to lose something that's less than 17" sqaure. ;)

I ended up giving up. Then I had a great idea for my Christmas fabrics, so I started to dig through my stash for all my Christmas fabric. And well, what do you know! I found the quilt. :P So it should be on the way to my mom... maybe she'll get it tomorrow. :)

As for the Christmas fabric, I cut them into a bunch of 2.5" strips.

Then I paired a greenish piece with a non-greenish piece.

And now I have a bunch of pair strips! But I ain't gonna tell you what I'm doing yet. Check back another day. ;)

Today is day 10 of planting my sugar peas - they're coming along nicely!

I regularly "torture" my husband to check them out every few days. I definately check on them every day! :D No weeds yet, but I have had to remove dead pine needles. It's sure easy to baby something so small and contained. :)



Bingo~Bonnie said...

Good morning Leah, it is so nice to check in and see a new post from you - We haven't met really but I feel like I know you b/c I have been following your blog for months. :)

I am anxious to see what progress you have made on your leafs - I am dying to see how the batiks are making up. Please share if you can. :c) I know with the last quilt from Judy L - you were a step ahead of everyone each day... so this time I have missed seeing your photos.

Your Christmas strips sound fun - you have got me currious for sure! I'll be back each day to check :c) ~Bonnie

Dawn said...

Oh I've missed you! I was wondering what you were up to! And isn't that the way with misplacing something - I hate it when I search and search and can't find it, when all along it is right there!

Your mom is going to LOVE that quilt! That is really gorgeous!

Can't wait to see what the xmas strips turn into!