Thursday, January 25, 2007

Exciting days!

It SNOWED last Sunday!! Folks... this is BIG. :D I'm a California raised gal who's never seen snow fall. Then I married at 21 and moved to Arizona. Southern Arizona to be exact. Who'd thunk that I'd actually see more snow in the desert? :P

I must have spent hours staring out the window. Snow makes me so excited!! And phooey to my husband, he's like "snow? Ok, time to play my game." I wanted to bonk him with some of my excitement... but he lovingly reminded me that he was born in Wisconsin and saw snow, and lots of it, every winter for 7 years until they moved to El Paso, Texas. :)

This time there was a GOOD amount of snow - about 3-4 inches. They closed all the schools in surrounding towns but ours. Figures! :P

This is my favorite picture, the pine branch covered with snow. I even made it my desktop photo. Now the snow is all gone. Waaaaah! I want snow. It makes me hyper. :D In fact the morning after the snow, I went on a baking and cleaning spree. My husband didn't mind! ;)

A few weeks ago I won the 4th quarter of the Stashbuster's UFO challenge. Thanks to Bonnie for pointing it out to me! I almost missed my prize. :P

A total of 33 very different FQs. I was feeling discouraged about trying to beat 100+ other people in getting UFOs done and had decided not to join the 2007 Challenge. Then I won! So I had the host hold back some FQs so I could join 2007. Nope, not hoping to win, I'm happy with my current loot. :)

About 5pm today, there was a knock on the door. UPS guy, saying I had a package from "Cupertino Supply" - I quickly figured out it was my parents - and in it was my mom's flour grinder!!

Yup, the grinder that I forgot at Christmas time. They had absolutely perfect timing in mailing it to me - tomorrow I'm going to Tucson and I'll be stopping by Sprouts, a store that carries whole grains and other bulk foods! Fresh bread and other goodies coming up! ;)

My poor husband though... it's been a miserable two weeks for him. He threw up like 6 times in a row on Sunday the 14th. Good thing Monday was a holiday, he had a whopper headache. Then he missed Wednesday at work, cuz he was still feeling miserable. He pulls through the rest of the week, then last Monday he had a pounding headache that started half-way through his workday. Tuesday was a good day, but Wednesday and Thursday have both brought on horrible tummy aches - mild case of food poisoning, I think. I really really hope that next week is much better for him! :P



joyce said...

Lucky you to enjoy snow that much. We are getting pretty sick of it up here. It's been around for about three months already and we can expect another three months or so of it. Lucky you with the grain grinder too. I have always wanted one of those. I hope your husband feels better soon.

DubiQuilts - Debbi said...

I have lived in Chicago for almost 50 years and I still love the snow.

Sweet P said...

I love your enthusiasm for snow. I adore snow and this winter has been very depressing with the lack of the white stuff falling and staying around.

Those are great FQs. I'm in the UFO Challenge for 2007 and I just finished by first project of the year.

I can't to see what you make with the flour grinder and I hope your DH is feeling better soon.

Shelina said...

Yep snow is so much fun, if you don't get too much of it. Hope you got a chance to play in it.

I think it is ironic that the prize for clearing your stash is more fabric for your stash! But I am sure it works great for motivation! I hosted a UFO challenge once, and we had fat quarters for prizes as well. You have a lovely large set of FQs. Congratulations on the win!

Hope your DH feels better soon.

~Kayla~ said...

OK, first off, I LOVE your snow!!! Don't have to bonk me with some of your excitement, LOL.....

2nd, I was going to pm you tomorrow to link you to my quilt top. I promised I would. I posted it and went to bed. Did V tell you, teehee.... I actually am only up and on right now, cuz I am sick and can't quite sleep yet :(

I also miss you Leah!!!

Quilt Mommy said...

My, it's been a long time since I've read your blog, I've got some catching up to do!!! Glad to see you're still cranking out beautiful quilts Leah! :)

BTW - we live in the snow belt...I only wish I could get as excited as you about snow! Lol* I'm glad though, for you, that you get to experience it now. Even though we get too much here (in my opinion lol***), it just doesn't feel like winter without the snow!

QuiltingFitzy said...

OK...I'll be waiting to see your's TODAY too, lol.

DubiQuilts - Debbi said...

I have missed you! Are you OK? I wanted to comment early today but had google server errors.

Bingo~Bonnie said...

you whooooooooo - Leeeeee- aaah...
You didn't get so snowed in that you lost electricity for 2 weeks did you?

Oh, I know you have been locked away and "sew" busy makeing another beautiful quilt with all those FQ's you won!!

Just wanted you to know you are missed ;c) ~Bonnie

goneaussiequilter said...

I have been wanting a grainmaster as well. You'll have to tell us how you like it! Do you have any recipes to go with it?