Thursday, March 15, 2007

180 miles...

...and I'm back home. :) Successful trip, and I didn't spend as much as I was expecting to. That's always good. ;)

Here's a picture of the hills in Oro Valley. I'm in the Sprouts parking lot and I'm looking northeast. It was about 10:30am and it was already over 80 degrees! It hit 90 around noon. Ugh. :P

Sprouts is officially in Oro Valley, but just 200 feet away is "Welcome to Tucson". Down the block (that'd be left in the picture) is Trader Joe's. Sometimes I wish I lived in that neighborhood, I'd be a happy shopper! :D

And no matter how hard I seem to try, I can't spend more than $20 at Sprouts. I avoid their meats (Trader Joe's and Costco are better deals), but I LOVE their bulk bins! They're a far better deal than Wild Oats or Whole Foods. Today I spent $7.28 and I got...
-soy flour (I heard that if you mix a certain amount flour and water, it's equivalent to 1 egg. Good for cooking).
-couple malted yogurt balls
-several mint patties. I felt like I kid in a candy store and wanted to try everything! :)
-about a pound of 7-bean... well, beans. Good for stews.
-3 oranges (99/cent pound)
-2 avocados for 50/cent each.
Yup, your dollar goes far there. :)

I also went to JoAnn's - I really wanted a seam ripper (cuz I keep losing mine!) and red thread. Wasn't happy with the seam rippers, all the cheap ones were gone. I need cheap cuz I'll just lose it again. :P The thread there seemed to be for embroiderers, not really for quilters. I avoid the Coats&Clark stuff, cuz it's so darn linty on my machine.

But I did get fabric! :D Aren't they yummy?

I got the batik on the right for $2.50/yard, thanks to a 50% off coupon. Over 6 yards! I think it'd look great as a border with my handdyed fabrics. Maybe even for my Star Struck quilt? I dunno, I'm already planning on it to be 96" square!

Tomorrow is the last day of Spring Break... I know I'm gonna miss having my husband home all day. I gotta admit, it's pretty nice to have a week with him, and still get a paycheck! :)



Helen in the UK said...

Nice fabrics. That Batik is wonderful and at a fab price too :)

QuiltingFitzy said...

Sprouts = 11 miles due east

This is SO exiciting!!!! I posted some news finally.

Oh! I love the batik one, very nice!

Bingo~Bonnie said...

Oh Leah, that batik you found woudl make a perfect boarder for your Star Struck! I look forward to seeing it used soon.

I am glad to hear that you have had a great spring break vacation :c) Happy Weekend! ~Bonnie in SE Texas