Saturday, March 31, 2007

Do I get a gold star?

Cuz today's the last day of March... and I met my goal! To post every day. :) I think I was having guilt issues about being so hetic between Thanksgiving and until the end of February, the quilt show. But during those months I got at least 7 quilts finished. For March? Nothing. :P

Tonight was spent sewing 2" squares together for the heart quilt.

I hope I have the energy to iron them tonight, it's cool, always a good time to iron. :)

In other news, we renewed our apartment lease for another year. I'd fall apart thinking about trying to move again! Plus, I like this place so much better, my own quilting room! :) I do hope that my Connecting Threads order comes next week though, my room needs "Creating Your Perfect Quilting Space" - which hopefully includes organization! ;)



Sweet P said...

I give you a gold star for the month! Good job on meeting your goal.

QuiltingFitzy said...

Good job Leah!

I'm nervous about setting up my sewing room, I want to get it just right!

Patti said...

You will love the book - yes, it includes lots and lots of great ideas for organizing.

Tanya said...

I know. It's a toss-up between whether I'm going to blog or quilt. (Notice housework and cooking don't even rate!) Thank you for visiting my blog and commenting. I'll be sure to visit you regularly too.