Friday, March 30, 2007

Quick Therapy - Quilt top in 2 hours

I received an email today from another quilter - she was asking about the size of my Christmas quilts. Turns out that she was thinking about using that pattern to teach some kids how to quilt. I thought about it... and realized that there'd be an even easier pattern for them. I have no idea what it's called, but I call it Quick Twist.

I drew up a 3x4 foot quilt in EQ5. All it needs is eight 3.5" strips of EACH color you deisre. Sew 2 strips together, cross cut them into 6.5" squares and twist them to form the block below.

Each block will measure 12" finished, and there are few seams to match up. Even if you don't match up the ones in the middle of the block well, it's ok - it's the same fabric. :)

Well, explaining to her how to make the quilt made me want to make it! So finally at 8:30 I told myself "Ok! Make it!" It is truly easy and relaxing therapy. I was all finished with the top by 10:30.

Now I just need a crib size batting, 1.5 yards of backing (probably purple from my stash) and my thread order it come in so I can have fun free-motioning. :) I already cut some of the baby print fabric for the binding. There's even enough room on the backing and batting to have a 4" border, but I ran out of both the baby and yellow fabric, so no border.

But that quilt top was really nice to throw together after dealing with those heart blocks and the fact they have 44 pieces each. I really shouldn't have counted them, it's kinda discouraging to realize that you have over 1500 pieces in that quilt... and still more than a thousand to sew! :P



tami said...

I like that pattern too for a really quick baby quilt. It works up so fast. I sometimes do it with 3 strips so the strips can be a little more narrow.

Shelina said...

Leah, you are so amazing at how fast you put your quilts together. I have to talk about doing it for months before I actually accomplish anything.

Charlene said...

Looks good to me. And would look great even with all different colors to bust that stash we've been trying so hard to do. Should quilt up in no time. Good work.

Linda_J said...

I believe that the technical name for your block is Illinois Road. Nancy Cabot dating back to 1933 and Brackman number 1615 but that might mean that there is a plain alternating block between the Twist block. BUT it is your quilt, Leah, and you can certainly call it anything that you want, LOL.

MeganZ said...

I love this pattern too - working on a pretty version of it myself.