Tuesday, March 27, 2007

I'm it

I did lots of ironing, cutting and sub-cutting today.

Well, when I wasn't napping in exhaustion from my gym stint. I used a different cardio machine that normal today and I burned 351 calories in 35 minutes. Can you say tired?! And I'm now painfully aware that I need to buy new shoes. :P

Anyhow, I got tagged by Quilting Fitzy to do a meme that Dorothy created. It's basically, what would be facts of life if Martha Stewart lived next door to you? Well, I'm adding a twist...

If my parents live next door...

-Whenever I make bread, I could give them the other loaf. I know my mom would really enjoy benefiting from her grinder. :)

-My mom and I could quilt a lot! Teamwork really does make things easier, and I enjoy showing her new stuff and tricks.

-We could also dye tons of fabric too. And have lots more time to play around with different methods and saturations.

-I could even help my parents with their plumbing company... hey, it'd just give my mom more time to play and Dad more time to hike/backpack/visit the guys. ;)

-I could just go "Dad! We have a leaky shower handle. Can you please help us fix it?" instead of having to depend on the apartment's maintenance guys. Yes, we really do have a leaky shower handle, but I don't wanna deal with strange men tromping all over my apartment, so I'm waiting for school to be out so my husband can deal with it. :P

Ironically enough... my in-laws live just over the next block, 6/10ths of a mile away. :) But my MIL has no interest in quilting, or sewing. Shucks, her bobbin winder hasn't been working for years on her sewing machine. But I had fun imagining what it'd be like if my parents lived next door. As you probably can guess, I'm on pretty good terms with them. :)


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QuiltingFitzy said...

This was a much better spin on the Martha Meme!! I'd be neurotic if Martha lived anywhere near me!

Balance of our furniture gets picked up Monday and we close on the 10th in AZ...our load will be delivered on the 11th or 12th.

I'm SO excited!!!