Thursday, March 01, 2007

March is here!

First off... I want to answer Blogless Rosaline's question that was made in my previous post. She asked how the colors blended so well in my rainbow quilt. It's because they're all the same line of fabric - found in WalMart or JoAnn's and the fabric print is kinda tiny, so it doesn't easily reveal a seam line, like a larger print could. Hope that helps! :)

In other news... March is here! I'm committed to blogging every day, so off we go! :D Let's start with the bad news... my sewing room is messy. :P

Really messy! Bad enough that my husband commented on it this evening and nearly lost a shoe when he stepped in. But look! I still can sorta cut. I have my priorities straight, I can see the cutting mat. :D

Kinda looks like a landslide doesn't it? Yeah, the landslide under my ironing board. But hey, all I have to do is pull off the quilt and I still have a decent amount of room to iron! Priorities, after all. :D

It's just when I get towards the end of a quilt, I tend to be... messier. I stop trying to put all the little bits in the trash or making sure I'm not wearing thread snips. Eh, it might be because I keep cutting very close to my deadlines. :P

And honest, I do want things tidy and organized. Look! I even bought some wire shelvings and you can see it says "organize it". ;)

Apparently you're supposed take it out, build the shelves and put things on it, for it to be organized. Not just drop the box on the pile that needs to be organized and wonder 9 months later why nothing's happened. :D

I think I want to move back to my parents... just for a little while. It's because my dad emailed me last week saying that my mom cleaned my old room so clean that it hadn't been that clean since the carpet was installed. Now THAT'S clean. :) She did the same to my sister's room and she's turning both of them into sewing rooms! Whooooooo! Well, I'm guessing my room will be more storage-like (for the boxes of dyeing and bolts of fabric) and my sister's room will be the actual sewing room.

My mom even made my dad take her sewing machine in for a clean up/tune up. So yeah, I wanna go back to my parents for a while. I'll even bring my sewing machine and stash with me. :D

Oh, I'm sure I'll have lots of fun the next time I'm there. Probably summertime. Think my room will be cleaner by then? ;)



tami said...

Love the sewing room. :o) I have always said creative people like clutter. Mine looks like that every time I either cut or pull fabric for a quilt. I have to force myself to put what I'm not going to use back in the cupboard.

Dawn said...

Oh I"m so happy to see someone else has a mess just like me!!!!

Helen in the UK said...

Maybe you could arrange a room swap with your mum. That way you could go play in her new room/s for a while and she could come and organise yours LOL!! It may be a mess but you create some great stuff in that room :)

Elaine Adair said...

Messy, yes, but I've often used the 'excuse' that with everything jumbled together, you see new patterns, color matches, shadows, etc -- it's not all bad! And besides, I wouldn't mind visiting that room to discover all the good stuff in there! AND, if it was all in order, you'd lose the SURPRISE!!! when you find something by accident (I LOVE surprises) ... that's my story and I'm sticking to it!

Sweet P said...

Don't remember if I've said it yet, but I love your Rainbow Quilt.

Yup, it is time to move home for a while. But where would you sleep?