Friday, March 09, 2007

More quilting family

(Yes, I'm totally cheating, I fixed the date and time so it says March 9, cuz it is! Just really late... like 1:30am ;)

I got a very interesting note from a fellow guild member in the mail today! She said she was at the admission booth during the quilt show last month, and somebody asked if she knew me. Apparently the lady wanted to meet me! Since I wasn't there, the lady wrote me a note and the guild member mailed it to me.

The note was in reference to the two quilts I hung in the antique section. Apparently she recognized my great-great-grandmother's name, Minnie Old and my grandfather's name. She wrote that those two names were relatives of her ex-husband "I think!" and said she knew them from the Chandler area. She gave me her name and her address in Tucson and that her ex's uncle was named Ray Old.

How cool is that?! Even if we're not blood-relatives, what are the odds of her seeing my quilts and recognizing names that probably haven't been heard for decades? And hey, another quilter in the family! :) So I'll be writing her back - my grandfather definitely had an Arizonian childhood and his parents were living in Mesa until their death.

And I wonder why my husband doesn't like the mail... so many goodies come through the mail. :)



Helen in the UK said...

That is way cool!! What are the chances of that lady seeing your quilt and recognising the name, etc. Hope you get to learn more about this other branch of the family. Love the close up of the quilt too :)

paula, the quilter said...

If that is one of the quilts I can see why she was attracted to it. It is so fun to meet relatives of a different branch of the family.

Angie said...

Gorgeous quilts!! What treasures! And what ARE the odds that she would see a quilt that led her to read the name of the maker AND find someone to get her in touch with you???? How wonderful!

Chrissie said...

Wow! How thrilling! It's like something you read in a novel!
I absolutly love those quilts! The yellow edging frames that one so well.
Can't wait to hear the outcome.