Saturday, March 10, 2007

Cutting along

Today was mostly cutting. I did sew a bunch of my 1.5" squares together, but they're only a heap of fabric right now. :)

I cut a lot of red squares and triangles and white strips. Tomorrow I'll start cutting the white into squares and triangles too, for this heart block. It's busy work... but it doesn't exactly produce a lot of visual goods... yet. ;)

I fear that I'm relapsing in my cold. :( I had a horrible headache early afternoon - I almost wanted to ask my husband if somebody had taken a hammer to the back of my head - but I just thanked him for bringing me Tylenol and water. So I slept for a while... then woke up from a horrible coughing fit. And I'm still so low on energy cuz I haven't had a chance to recover from the first bout. So if you see somebody just puttering along and looking like she forgot what she was doing, cuz she had to blow her nose yet again, or some sneezing or coughing distracted her... that'd be me. ;)

Well, I'm off to shower!



Judy said...

Hope the cold relapse is a short one!! I just read the past few posts of yours and the box that your aunt made for you is an awesome gift! The detail is amazing on a box so small ....... it is something that will be a forever treasure!

Chrissie said...

My, you sure get a lot done for as sick as you are! get better soon! (remember, lots of HOT things, colds don't like heat...)
luv ya....