Monday, March 12, 2007

This quilter's quirk

Do you have a little quilting quirk? I know I do... I like to save all my dog ears from trimming half-square triangles. :)

I started in January 2006. Right now you see about 100 HSTs dog ears on my ironing board - so little looking! So there's a few thousand in my vase. Wow. :)

I think the idea started when I saw somebody blog about saving up their squaring-up trimmings and putting them in U-fill glass Christmas ornaments. I think she gifted them away, but I'm hoping someday (or year!) that I'll have enough HSTs to fill up several ornament balls. Hey, I figured in a few decades I'll be able to have a totally quilty Christmas tree! :D

Come on and tell me about your quilty quirk... what do you like to do that doesn't make THAT much sense? I know some quilters don't like to empty their trash during the making of a quilt - somehow they feel good to see the trash fill up as the create their top. Not for me, but I get excited adding dog ears to my collection! :)



Jeri said...

Hi, Leah! I don't know if its quirky, but I have a rule that "if you rip it out and re-sew it twice, that's enough whether the seam got fixed or not". I'm also quite persnickety about pressing and which way the seam allowance goes - I try to figure out ahead how to press for the block construction to work without turned seams. -

~Kayla~ said...

That is such a cute idea Miss Leah!

Patti said...

I hate to throw away fabric! First cousin, I think, to your dog ear saving. I save all but the tiniest scraps - strips 3/4" and wider, crumbs approximately 1" square and bigger. Every time I have to throw bits of fabric in the garbage I shed some tears inside for the "death" of those bits of fabric.