Friday, April 27, 2007

JoAnn Loot

I got back yesterday, but I was kind uptight because I basically traveled 180 miles for something that could have been told on the phone to my husband! I guess the office has privacy issues... but you can believe next year I'll tell them that they can relay the information through my husband. And my car's odometer hit 50,000 miles. 7 years old, so about 7,000 miles/year. Hrmm. Maybe when I hit 50,000 visitors, I should offer a little prize. :)

Anyhow, I went to JoAnn's. All their keepsake stuff was 40% off... and would you believe that I only got 2 pieces?! And I also got some 108" wide muslin, which I'll take with me to my parents and my mom and I can dye it with any leftover dyes we might have. It'll be good for backings.

I'm already entertaining an idea for the blue fabric. The purple fabric is... just because! :D

But I was largely annoyed that the majority of the bolts now read $3.99/yard instead of $2.99. Stop raising the prices! We actually had to take a pay cut this year (well, start of the school year, August) because my husband no longer does Student Council. We dropped down about $100/month. And now all the prices are going up cuz of gas and bad crops and higher wage minimums and whatever they seem to find... Our rent is going up $20/month too. I'm ready to bash my head on a brick wall. We're not in financial trouble or anything, but I don't feel like we're having room to save a lot of money either.

Ahh, I think I'll turn on my sewing machine and sew away my troubles for a while. :)



Linda said...

Those butterflies are gorgeous, and your stars and hearts are just wonderful.

Nicole and Phil said...

great fabrics..I have that butterfly one in a green!
Your quilts are looking terrific!

Greenmare said...

thanks for visiting my blog, you have 200 on your list?? Whoa I bet the blog monster gets you a lot! I like your new fabrics, but I LOVE your quilts! The star one is awesome!

QuiltingFitzy said...

I'm getting organized bit by bit. Pretty soon you won't have to make that trip without getting to put your feet up for awhile inbetween!