Saturday, April 14, 2007

Saturday Sewing

Here's my sewing machine after half a bobbin of Essential thread. Both the top and bobbin thread are white, I'm piecing red and white blocks. Not too bad. :)

Why only half a bobbin? The top thread broke half-way through. I rethreaded it, sewed for several inches... and it broke again. So I swiped a q-tip around to get rid of any lint and replaced the needle. That took care of it, didn't have any more breaks until the second bobbin.

The second breaking session was harder to figure out. I replaced the needle again, sewed a few inches... and it breaks. Did a quick clean, sew a few inches and it breaks again. I'm almost ready to throw the towel in, but I figured I might as well oil my machine, as I haven't done in that in a handful of bobbins. I noticed my sewing oil is very lightly starting to turn yellow. Ugh. Need to replace that. :)

Just as I'm about to take the spool off the machine (and I already had tried playing with the tension at this point) I realized that the spool of thread is on much snugger than I've ever put my aurifil spools on. Ohh... loosen that up a little bit (the spool cap was on too far) and it's been smooth sailing since. :)

So, I think there's a little learning curve and adjustment with this thread. It's thicker - but I'm actually like that. I have had some aurifil seams work about a quarter-inch apart, just from handling and ironing and sewing. I've had absolute NONE of that with the essential threads. It's holding together very nicely. :)

And what have I been sewing? The heart blocks! :)

The reds are pretty close to being done, just have to piece it together like a 9-patch. Hopefully tomorrow! The thread issues stalled and frustrated me some. I really need to get my machine professionally cleaned. I've had it for over 2 years now and have never taken it in yet. I'd easily guess that I've put several hundred hours on it.

I actually wish I was sewing Cathy's mystery quilt. She let me have a sneak peak and it's so pretty!! One of her best designs yet. :) The mystery is being stretched over 3 weekends, starting today. The pieces are pretty simple - mostly HSTs and squares. But the pattern itself is so striking. You can join her Yahoo! group where she's hosting the mystery (available for 2 months, then it'll be on her website for sale)... go to here. Can't wait til I have a free moment or two to do the quilt! :)



Tracey @ozcountryquiltingmum said...

The heart looks great. Don't you just hate it when you are in the mood to sew and the machine plays up like that. i am not an angry person but I get so tempted to put it through the window1 tracey

Mrs. Moody said...

Thanks for the reminder. My thread had started to break a few times last week with Gutterman thread that I always use. I should re-oil the machine as well as swipe it with a q-tip.

BTW, the hearts look great.