Sunday, April 15, 2007

A step closer

I'm a step closer to being done with the heart blocks, but I let myself get distracted by my husband. :)

So tomorrow, I'm determined to have them in blocks. They're all ironed and ready for the next step.

Here's to hoping this is an easy week, not doing much, not going much. It's going to be plenty busy til June! :)

Psst... hope you've done your taxes. ;)



Zegi said...

Ya gotta throw the husband a bone sometimes and remind him he still has the power to distract you from quilting! :)

Cathy ~o said...

Hiya Leah!
I wanted to come thanks you "publicly" for giving my group a plug the other day! I have had 7 ladies join this weekend and I know it MUST be from your post.
I thank you very much!! And hopefully your friends will thank you too after doing a mystery or 2 :-)