Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Close up and a question for you

Here's a close up of the quilting. I'm doing meandering all around the hearts, and then both red and white hearts get the treatment you see below. :)

I have 7 out of 35 hearts done, but the hardest is over, the center row where you really have to cram the quilt in. :) Just as I was starting to do the 8th heart, my thread broke. I figured I needed a new needle, I was already on my 4th bobbin. Well, I must have threaded the top thread wrong and it gave me some VERY bad tension stitching. Oh so fun to rip out. :P I rethreaded, tested on a scrap and everything was fine, except my patience. It was shot. ;)

Now I have a question for the quilters who read my blog... my quilt guild is arranging for a local retreat - just 16 miles from where I live. It's in November, between my birthday and thanksgiving. It starts on Friday afternoon and ends on Sunday morning. You have to bring everything - bedding, towels, clothes, etc. They just said that the rooms are heated and that they will be providing 5 meals. All this for $95. I'm sure most of you are going to say "grab it! it's a great deal!" But I'm a bit of a chicken... I've never done a retreat before. I'm sure I could accomplish a lot of things at the machine... but do you find retreats worth it? And I'm almost not sure if $95 is a good deal either. Cluck!

Ooooh. And we just got some surprising news tonight, my husband's only brother is engaged. Well, congrats to him and his girl. :)



Helen in the UK said...

I think the value of a retreat will depend on you as a person. Must be incredibly valuable to a full-time mom who never gets time to just sit and sew. Lots of fun for those who crave company of like-minded people to spend a weekend stitching together. If you have plenty of time in your normal life to sew or like your work area set up a specific way, maybe not so valuable. All depends on the individual!

Nancy said...

First - congratulations to your BIL! I bet we'll see a quilt for them sometimes in the near future. :-)

Second - LOVE the quilting you're doing in the hearts!

Third - I'm going to agree with Helen. Are the other people going good friends that you'd like to hang out with for 3 days? Then go for it! A retreat if WONDERFUL when you like all the people going. But if it's just a generic guild retreat and you'd be just as happy and productive working at home I'd save my money.

Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

Great job on that quilting - I like the design.

I've never been to a retreat so I can't be much of a help in answering your question... BUT some of my favorite sewing days are with my sister as our 2 boys play, mixed in with a trip to Joanne's with some coupons and a good meal. Not that it happens often, but I sure do enjoy it when it does!



Tracey said...

I'd go for it in a heartbeat. Figure it this way, you've got 5 meals that you don't have to cook, a bed to sleep in for two nights and some quiet stress free time for you in the middle of the most hectic time of the year. Who cares if you don't get ANY quilting done, it still sounds like heaven!

Kathy Wagner said...

Sounds like a great deal to me!
I have been to many quilting retreats and loved every minute!
Check out Wendi's photos from her quilt retreat in B.C. for inspiration:

Quilt Mommy said...

I've never done a retreat, but I agree with Nancy up there, being a Mommy of two children under 5 I would jump at the chance to go on a retreat for such a good price. I don't think I'd mind bringing all the bedding and all that either, I'm a bit of a germ-a-phobe myself. And to give you an idea of costs, the retreats put on in our area usually cost between $190-250 for a weekend.

Your meandering looks fantastic Leah! :) Any tips for a beginner at free motion quilting on how to keep stitches nice and even? Or does practice make best? :)

QuiltingFitzy said...

I think the price is a great deal, but agree with other bloggers. If you can do the same thing at home, that's where I'd be. Unless there's people there that you already know and love to hang out with, then that changes it a bit.

I personally wouldn't be able to part with my dh for the weekend, it would be like cutting off my right arm. Yeah, I know, I'm not like everybody else, but he's my best friend!

Congrats to your BIL. Is he local?

Mama Koch said...

I'd look at it like this:
Do you need the time away to sew? Could you get the same thing done at home?
Do you want to spend that much time with the other people sewing?
Yes, you have to take your own sheets but there's 5 meals you don't have to prepare.
That much time away from the phone would be worth it to me and there wouldn't be anybody else demanding any attention fro me.

You'll have to decide for yourself. I personally....would GO!

Love the hearts..looks good.
Congrats to the BIL. Hope you get to help with the wedding.

Judith said...

I think the price is a nice deal and would say go for it. I have been to three now and am looking forward to my fourth next march. I loved everyone of the retreats.

Elaine Adair said...

I'd grab it! I've gone to 4-5 retreats, and enjoyed them all. If you are not having a good time, you are close enough to run home on a pretense, grab another project and get back to the bunch. It's a good opportunity to see if you function well (sew lots) when in a different environment. AND, you get to see how other gals work. You can pick up some good ideas, better habits, etc. Cost is GREAT!

Beth said...

Sounds like a great birthday present to me! My husband only wishes I could give him gift ideas this good! Just don't forget to take a camera so we can see your progress!

Carol E. said...

I love quilt retreats, and that is a great price! Yes, you can sew at home, but would you take all that time to sew non-stop at home? Probably not. You also probably don't have the space you get at a retreat (big tables), and the fellowship of other quilters. Not to mention door prizes, ZERO interruptions from children, husbands, chores... meals made for you and probably fantastic snacks, quilting at all hours, in your jammies, meeting some new people. I love retreats and would jump at the chance. (True, I have been to one that one poorly run and not so much fun, but I still got LOTS of sewing done... all the others I've been to have been fantastic and worth the money & time.)

JVC_Scout_Mom said...

Did you go to this?

Cost for my guild is $130 for the same. They feed us, they cook.

But, we get lots of time together. There's 1 bathroom for every 4 quilters.

We go to a local Girl Scout camp.