Monday, June 11, 2007

Still here!

I'm still fine and alive, been working on the mystery quilt for Cathy. She's already started to give out fabric instructions and cutting directions on her Yahoo group.

I can't reveal what it's going to look like until August, but might as well tempt you with a peek or two! ;)

Lazy days of summer are upon us right now - and we're going to need it, because in less than 2 weeks is my sister-in-law's wedding. I'm just having a really uncomfortable feeling about the fact that we have to bring the wedding cake from our hometown to the reception - 80 or so miles. Ugh. :) At least I finally figured out what I'm going to wear, and my husband things I look good in it, so good enough for me! :)



QuiltingFitzy said...

Just make sure you pre-air-condition the car WAY before you put it in, lol.

Maybe R-A-I-N today? woo-hoo

atet said...

Oh my -- although, my wedding cake traveled over 300 miles from where it was made to my home. It made it there in one piece too!

Cathy ~o said...

Hope you have a nice cool day to travel with that cake :-) And if your husband thinks you look good then you 're right, thats all that matters!
btw,,,the last clues will be heading your way soon and you will finally know what the heck you needed those 1 1/2" strips for...LOL I will wait til after the wedding though :-) partly cause I am trying to making class projects, and BOM pdf files and mainly because I am sick as anything again! Summer colds are NO fun for sure.