Friday, July 20, 2007

Nap quilt - firetruck version

This is a 36"x36" quilt top for a customer - for the repeat customer. :)

I'm just waiting for a stamp of approval before moving onto the quilting part. I really like how it's simple (2 strips sewn together, cross cut into 9.5" squares), but gives nice eye candy. :)

The other news is that I have some sort of rash all over me - no clue. It's been here for three days and it just keeps growing and it finally started to itch tonight. Aside from that, I feel perfectly fine. Not sick, not extra tired, not grumpy. Maybe I'm just allergic to myself. ;)



Helen in the UK said...

Have you recently put brand new sheets on the bed without prewashing them? (Did that once and came up in a horrible allergic reaction!) Or changed the brand of washing liquid/powder you use or something like that? Or maybe the brand you use has reworked it's formula. Hope you figure it out and stop the itching :)

QuiltingFitzy said...

Taking benedryl? Eaten strawberries or tomatoes that may have come from some area you're not familiar with?

I have horrible reactions sometimes, I think it is from pesticides and usually occurs when I eat odd things. Last thing was some pistachios from Iran that a friend brought back for me. Whoa nelly, did I break out.

Gold Bond powder (in the green container) is really good to cool the itch, benedryl is fantastic. The Dr. will tell you to do Aveno soaks (oatmeal in the bath) but who wants to clean the dumb tub afterward, lol.

Good luck, you're talking to an allergy pro here!