Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Post card and autumn block

Fun in the mail today! Kate had a contest a few weeks ago and I was one of the winners!

She sent this unique post card (all fabric!) all the way from England. Thank you Kate! :)

And just before our little trip, I had to put this block together because it was due while I was gone.

It's supposed to be a wreath of leaves, and oh man, I sure hope I got the placement correct! I tripled checked the instructions. It's 1 of 24 blocks that will go into a quilt that will be for a hospital auction, as I understand it.

And yes, we're back from our little trip. Ok, we were back Thursday, but somebody was a little lazy. ;) Had a great time, had the AC on full blast the entire time too. :D

We got gifts for my siblings and Dad - birthdays and father's day. Yes, I'm half way late. :P

I went to Savers (clothing thrift shop) and found a pair of jeans that actually fit AND were long enough. Whoo! The price tag was like $6... but when they rang it up, it was actually $1.07! Wow, I was stunned and just about doing flips all the way back to the car. :D Of course... can't wear them until October or November, we're sweltering here!

We went to IKEA - hubby does NOT like that place! :) But we got new sheets cuz our old ones had a hole (on my side, of course), and a new frying pan.

We also did a quick stop at JoAnn's and got ONE thing. 4 yards of black fabric for Judy's July HAD project. I want to use some hand dyed fabric for that quilt. :)

I'm also working on 2 small nap quilts for a repeat customer! Whoo! I did this quilt for her earlier this year. What I love about her is that she just tells me what kind of theme she wants and what colors the person likes. She gives me complete pattern and quilting freedom. The customer every quilter wants. ;)



Sweet P said...

The postcard is gorgeous. I like your new block. It does look like fall leaves.

atet said...

Your new block is fantastic and the postcard is just fun! Can't wait to see your hand dyed fabrics in the HAD for this month.

Helen in the UK said...

The wreath block is great. Look forward to seeing the HAD project as it progresses :)