Friday, September 21, 2007

Finger Update

A little warning, the last picture has a direct shot of my finger and a little blood, not more than a drop's worth. I've made the pictures "small", so you have the *option* to click bigger. :)

Here's my fingers side by side. And if you look really closely, you'll see that my right finger doesn't have a nice round curve. It's lopped. :P

Finally, finally, finally it's stopped throbbing. That was the second worse part.

The worse was when it got stuck to the bandage, despite me using ointment and soaking the whole thing in water for over 30 minutes, trying to get the bandage free.

My husband kept insisting that for it to properly heal, I needed to get it unstuck. I just couldn't bear the thought of pulling at the wound again - the first time was when the paper towel got stuck to it.

So, I'm standing there with the bandage flapping and the thought of pulling it off was making me cry again. I told my husband to pull off the last bit. I squeezed below my finger as tight as I could, squeezed my eyes til I thought I was gonna pass out and waited, trembling for 30 seconds.

Open my eyes... and the bandage is still there.

"Why didn't you pull it?"

"Are you kidding me?!"

"That's exactly how I feel!!" And I'm laughing and crying at the same time. It's way worse than having a bandage pull some hair. :P

About a minute later I yanked it off, squealed and it's been easier since. Except the typing... that's kinda slow still. ;)

I don't think I sliced any nail though. It's slowly scabbing and I'm probably crazy enough to pick up the rotary cutter again today. :D

All said and done... I'm REALLY glad it wasn't my left hand!!!!!!!!!!!



atet said...

Ouch, hope you are feeling better soon!

dot said...

WOW!!!!!! You really did a number on that finger. I hope it heals quickly.

ljmcmillan said...


I can simpathize with you. I cut off part of my index finger once with my rotary cutter ~ only I got part of my nail!!! I was so surprised when I did it, I just stood there for a moment (no blood yet), but then it hit me, it's gonna bleed, it's gonna bleed, so ran upstairs to laundry room and bandages!!! Well, quilting, sewing, typing, etc was over for a while!!! DH wasn't much help either, he was on day two or three of rotator cuff surgery!!!! I bought a kutz glove after that!!! I wore it religiously for a while, but have gotten lazy about that lately!

Hope you heal fast!!!

Nicole said...

Ouch ouch ouch ouch.

Shelina said...

ouch. I hope you feel better soon. Glad you can still type.

Dawn said...

ewwwww! Glad it isn't throbbing anymore! But yuck - I am such a baby!

katelnorth said...

my sympathies, Leah - I've never sliced myself with the rotary cutter (knock wood) but I HAVE sewed through fingres several times (once on a longarm - piece of advice - don't ever do that, it hurts like a ***) Hope it's better soon!