Saturday, September 22, 2007

Does my fabric look fat?

Cuz I think my fabric is overweight! Below is a picture of the outside wall directly beneath my stash.

Yeah... is it just me, or does it look like it's buckling a little bit? I even took a little walk around the complex to see if ANY of the walls looked remotely like mine. 20+ sides of the surrounding buildings later, and none of them resemble what you see.

I'm hoping it's just a cosmetic thing, and not actually the wall/foundation sinking in. But if you must know, not only most of my fabric is against this wall, but also 360 pounds of weights and dumbbells reside directly above those cracks.

Keep in mind we're upstairs, and the pictures is near the ground. Perhaps it's the downstairs neighbors fault! Or it could have been there before we even moved in. I have no clue. I feel like strongly protesting that there's no way a "couple dumbbells" and "a few yards" of fabric could do that kind of damage!

But let's not forget about Bonnie and her dilemma. So yes, it is possible that fabric can weigh down a wall. Yes, hers was along more unsupported walls... but it still gets you wondering...

Is it my fabric, or is it something completely unrelated?



Shelina said...

oh wow, I don't know, but I would try to disperse my fabric throughout the house, and call the landlord so that he can put up some suports or something so the problem doesn't get worse.

Nicole said...

That is hilarious!