Sunday, September 23, 2007

Fingers again and Ornaments

Oh pooh! I cut another finger this morning. I was trying to trim some fat off of a brisket we BBQ'ed on Friday and I couldn't get a firm grip because I already had one injured finger.

Well, it happened. The knife hit a tough spot, I applied more pressure and before you could blink, it whacked my middle finger. I have a great husband though - he groaned when he saw me crying and rinsing my finger off, but he brought over the bandages and ointment and fixed up my finger for the day. Thankfully the cut isn't as bad or as deep as the rotary one!


My brother-in-law is getting married next Saturday, and the family pretty much started NOW to prepare for it. BIL has been distracted with moving to his fiancee's (who just bought a house) and fiancee's daughter just started school. So we had no clue about most things. They only decided last month on the date and about 2 weeks before the wedding they settled on the time of the day. Good thing it's gonna be a relatively small and simple wedding!

This afternoon my mother-in-law, two sisters-in-law and I went to Tucson to get some items for the wedding. They wanted me there because I have a Costco membership. ;)

We also swung by Michael's and got candles for the centerpieces and a kit for making favors. I saw these clear U-fill ornaments and picked up one package for myself.

In 2006 I started to save all the dog ears from my half-square triangles. For a couple thousand blocks... it sure doesn't add to that much!

I probably shouldn't have stuffed them so full. But I can't get them out so easily now! Maybe a crochet hook? I won't trouble myself with it now. :)

But that's one way to let the world know at Christmas time that you enjoy quilting. ;)

It'd probably help if we actually bought a tree though! :D



Dawn said...

Take it easy. No more cutting fingers. Cute ornaments! Now that is a cute idea!

Winona said...

I'm so sorry you have cut yourself again. I sure hope this is it for your bad luck. The ornaments are so cute.

Mary said...

I really do like those ornaments. And I am sorry you cut yourself again. I am so afraid of doing the same thing with the rotary cutter. Be careful, and wear a thimble or three!

Nicole said...

Oh no, not again! You poor thing.
I think the dog ear stuffed ornaments are a great idea. What a fun little gift for a quilting buddy! Did it take forever to stuff them?

Stefanie said...

Awesome! What a fresh idea! Waste into wonderful, thanks for sharing!

Lucy said...

wow this is cool!!

naturalpaths said...

What a cute idea for the ornaments! We've used those before and filled them with potpourri, but I really like this idea.