Thursday, November 15, 2007

30 hours progress

My quilting energy is certainly showing in this Pineapple Blossom quilt! I think it's because I've had this quilt on my mind since July. I got a Connecting Threads catalog in the mail and drooled over the Country Fabrics. Then with my car troubles and buying a laptop, I put my order on hold til we had a bit more cash. But my desire to make a Pineapple Blossom never changed.

So here's the tale of my past 30 hours, since I received the box in the mail, at noon. :)

Here's all the pieces I needed to make 30 nine-inch finished blocks. It doesn't even cover half of my cutting mat. Boy, do we quilters tend to overbuy on fabric or what?!

I sewed until a little after 10pm last night, and this was my stopping point.

By noon today, I had this much done.

By 6pm, I had all the blocks finished!

I succeeded in a few things. I did not want there to be any repeats in a single block. I also did not want any of the same fabrics touching each other in the final layout. That was a little tricky, kept having to play musical blocks to get a good fit. :)

Next I need to get this into one piece before bedtime, there's no way I want to try to refigure the blocks again!

And if I get my way, there will be no scraps left, except maybe a wee bit of the green from the binding... you'll have to wait and see what I mean. :)



tami said...

Wow great job. It's beautiful.

Sewbaby said...

You are amazing!!!
Great job!


Becky said...

Those colors look great together, great quilt.

Kim said...

WOW!!!! You're just as far as I am. I have 7 more to make and I'm done with a queen sized one. I did one more of the 30's one too. I think I enjoyed my books too much today and took a nap with Moose. Since we were the only ones home for 12 hours. And just so you know, It's YOUR fault this time. I ordered 14 spools of thread I forgot to order last week when I saw yours no fabric though :)