Thursday, November 15, 2007

Oops! And Thread Suggestions?

Well, as I was sewing the top together, I accidentally sewed the same fabrics next to each other.

Too late now! I think I'm only annoyed because it's really close to a couple other pinks, and I don't want it to pop out.

And hooray! I got the whole top pieced before bedtime... now we have our bed back. ;)

Can you give me some thread color suggestions for the quilting? I was thinking dark green, because that's what the binding will be... but my husband suggested brown. And that makes a lot of sense to me, cuz there's a bit of brown here and there, why not tie the quilt together with brown thread? But I love green! I'm biased. :P

Go ahead any suggest any color (and perhaps give a reason why?), I have almost all the Essential threads, except for a few of the neutrals and variegated ones. I'll probably be undecided on the thread color until I take it to my machine to quilt it.



Chrissie said...

Wow, Kiddo! You're moving like lightning!! and it's beautiful! I dunno, I like the green, too, but the brown is nice - I guess because there's not a whole lot of it. Great color choices.
Well, I'm checking out your turorial about binding, and then I'm almost done. I'll sit in front of a movie and bind away...
luv ya!

Sewbaby said...

How about a variegated quilting thread with both greens, browns, golds..etc?


Hedgehog said...

I like the brown idea - light brown - but anything will be beautiful!

Kim said...

varigated :) Or blue. I love blue
You are so fast-

Dannielle said...

I can't tell you how much I love that!!!

It's the first quilt top I've seen that was made by someone else that I want to sneak off with and quilt it myself.

It's telling me it wants to be hand-quilted...with ecru/natural thread...1/4" inside each seam.

I know it's not telling you that. I think you need to tell your top to stop talking to me lol.

Dannielle said...

I'm trying to not listen to it but now it's telling me it wants a star shape stitched inside each of the solid squares.