Sunday, November 18, 2007

A bit of real life

I don't think my sewing machine will be turned on today, I have a bit of real life to deal with. ;)

-run the dishwasher
-do 3 or 4 loads of laundry
-kitchen clean up
-go to church (ok, this one is actually gonna be first, but I'm still a little groggy from going to bed at 2:30. I was sewing the binding).
-return a book to the library
-probably more stuff that I can't remember at the moment. :P

I pretty much turned myself into a hermit since I got my fabrics on Wednesday. I didn't step outside again until Saturday!

And it's only because I checked my Amazon order to see where the shipping status was, and it said half of my books were here! What?! I order them on Tuesday, and it said it was here on Thursday! (Now why couldn't have my Connecting Threads order come that fast? :P)

I put on decent clothes and ran to the mailbox to get my goodies. And that made me realize that I buried myself deeper into the Pineapple Blossom quilt than I thought. :)

So today, I'll be catching up on a bit of real life. But I hope to have the binding done! I got 2 sides sewn down last night. I have some free time after church while I wait for the voter's meeting to be done with.

I must also add that the quilt is wonderfully warm, I can personally testify. ;)



Chrissie said...

You know, about a month or so ago, I watched a movie called 'Foxfire', with John Denver and Jessica Tandy, and they had a special feature talking about how the high school students began this project, interviewing the older folks and gathering information of the past - quite facinating. My interest is sincerely peaked now, after looking at their web site - That's the next group of books to go on my list things to get - Love it!

QuiltingFitzy said...

We have a couple of them too. We love 'em.

Great to see you get your mojo back!